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Last Updated on January 7, 2022

Why should you be a YesStyle Influencer? Have you ever imagined how nice it must be to be able to lie on the comfort of your bed, on a sun lounger on a beach paradise, on a terrace enjoying a drink, and, at the same time, not having to worry about working?

It´s actually very simple! Just use a product that maybe you already use every day and give your opinion about it or create a publication on the Internet, and you are done with the work for the day!


To join and become a YesStyle influencer, click here.

YesStyle Influencer
YesStyle Influencer

Introduction | Earn Money with Yesstyle | How To Become A YesStyle Influencer?

The world created one of today’s most coveted jobs due to the rise of the Internet and social networks.

Who never dreamed of being paid for posting on their social accounts or giving feedback on products?

Why not turn a passion into a full-time job? It doesn’t sound like something so hard to do and can be quite fun and exciting!

If you like cosmetics, fashion, and trends, I guess that you have found what you were looking for: Converting your hobby and passions into a strong source of income. It is the perfect side hustle.

The Influencer World

Scattered all over the globe, there are thousands of influencers. They can be related to fashion, cosmetics, food, sports, or virtual products.

We can all become influencers of any product.

By being a YesStyle Influencer, you are giving your opinion and thus influencing other people, their purchases, and lives – so be honest and sincere, and enjoy what you are promoting in the first place!

Some influencers stand out precisely for their transparency, not hiding “goofy” personality traits, shame, and their enjoyment doing their “work”!

The best thing about being a YesStyler Influencer is that you decide if you want to take the game seriously and raise the bar or just go with the flow.

Even when you go with the flow and start on the sporty side, earning some bucks to cover some expenses, you can still have access to huge discounts and benefits on the products you normally use in your daily life!

YesStyle has cosmetics and clothing products for both genders and other items used in everyday life and works with brands such as CORSX, Some By Mi, MISSHA, Romand, Pyunkang Yul, ETUDE, and many more.

As a YesStyle Influencer, you have the chance to be paid for the opinions you share online regarding the products they offer.

Your opinion can even assume a dominant role in the buying behavior of other people, so you are the one who chooses and sets the fashions and trends!

You will have the opportunity to work with amazing brands, creating remarkable and unique experiences for you and for those who decide to follow your recommendations!

Not to mention that you are helping other people, consumers like yourself, choose the best products that suit their tastes or needs, which is exciting, especially when you are rewarded or thanked for it.

All you have to do is register, and then you will have access to a customized Rewards Code with your YesStyle Influencer Program membership, and all you have to do is promote it.

Once your followers purchase with this code, you will receive a percentage of the amount spent on their purchase – your commission!

You can use these commissions to buy new products at YesStyle, or, if you wish, you can withdraw them from your account when you reach $20.

Is It Hard To Become A Yesstyle Influencer?

Is It Free To Become a YesStyle Influencer?

Currently, you only need to have an account in one of the following to apply:

  1. Instagram
  2. YouTube
  3. TikTok
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest

Once you apply, their team will review your account metrics and social media presence to determine if you qualify for the program application.

How many Instagram followers do you need to be considered for the YesStyle Influencer Program?

You must have at least 450 Instagram followers in order to apply and monetize your social influence on Instagram.

As you can see, almost anybody can join their program, if you are not a popular influencer! (even my grandmother can join!)

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How long does it take to get approved?

It usually takes 3 business days to get approved by their team.

After being accepted, you will also be entitled to and receive exclusive content and newsletters related to promotions, news, and ideas to help you succeed!

Also, you will always have help and support when you need or feel that something is not going well or according to what you imagined.

You can contact YesStyle through email, direct message on Instagram, or through the website itself.

Minimum payout amount

The minimum payout is $20. You must earn commissions more than this amount in order to cash-out.

How To Get Free Products Being A YesStyle Influencer

How To Get Free Products Being A YesStyle Influencer

YesStyle members exclusive benefits

By becoming a YesStyle member, you will have instant access to the following benefits:

  1. Earn 10X YS Points with every order.
  2. Followers get up to extra 5% off.
  3. Earn up to 10% Commission.
  4. Exclusive Sponsored Gifts.

YesStyle influencer code 2022

Up to 15% OFF code: NEW2022

  • 10% OFF US$ 79 order
  • 12% OFF US$ 99 order
  • 15% OFF US$ 149 order

Other YesStyle influencer code: PIKACHU123 | 10$ off and 5% off your first order.

With the passage of time and the increased use of the Internet as a means of commerce and purchasing goods, promo codes have become quite common and trivial to see and use! By becoming a YesStyle Influencer, you will access a unique rewards code that you can share with anyone.

Rewards link and code comission

Earn up to 10% commission when your followers shop through your Rewards Link! Rewards CodeRewards Link (Double)
New Customer5%10%
Returning Customer2%4%

Looking to have your own influencer code with YesStyle? This code, when used by customers, will give you a 5% commission on their purchase if they are a new customer or a 2% commission if they are a returning customer.

In case your successful referral is a new customer, and both use a rewards code and click on a rewards link. In that case, you will receive 10% of the sale in commission.

But if it is a returning customer and he uses both your rewards code and clicks on your rewards link, you can get 4% of the total sale in commission.


  • You may earn commissions by giving your friends an additional 5% off their first purchase and another 2% off any future purchases.
  • When your followers use your Rewards Code, they will give you an equivalent amount of Commission.
  • You may now DOUBLE your Commission by sharing the Rewards Link on your social media sites or blog.

By becoming a YesStyle Influencer, you will be able to create your own code (it has to be 7-12 characters long and must include a capital letter and a number).

You can share this code on social networks, and you can send it to friends or prospects by message. It’s up to you how to do it to take full advantage of the benefits of being a YesStyle Influencer!

Referring new influencers

Click here to start to refer new influencers.

You will receive $5 for each new influencer you refer.

It is a simple and easy code for anyone to access or use, and for you, it is an easy and effective way to generate a passive profit. All you have to do is share the code in an appealing manner and where you want and hope that your interested followers will use it! You will customize the code.

How are comissions and sales attributed to me?

Sales are attributed to your account based on the “last click,” which means that a consumer’s Rewards Link or Reward Code must be the last one used when they order at

You must enter your Rewards Code in the URL provided to correctly attribute the transaction to you, or it must be the last code entered before checkout.

A 30-day cookie will be placed in the browser of a customer who clicks a Rewards Link. If no other cookies are recorded before an order is placed, any sales made will be attributed to you.

YesStyle Influencer Code
YesStyle Influencer Code

YesStyle Influencer Program | Yesstyle Online Earning

How does the program work?

With your YesStyle Influencer Program membership, you’ll get a unique Rewards Code.

Promote your Rewards Code on social media or your blog. You’ll earn a cut of the profits from any sales made using your Rewards Code at

You may either use your Commission towards future YesStyle purchases or choose to take money out now that you’ve reached US$ 20 in Commission.

With the YesStyle Influencer Program, there are several ways to earn money and get exclusive benefits:

  • One of the options available is a points accumulation program (YS) for each order placed, and you can redeem these points for products. – You will also have the opportunity to enjoy discounts of up to 5% for followers of the brand, earn up to 10% in commissions, and exclusive sponsored gifts.
  • There is also a referral program where you can share your unique link generated after becoming a YesStyle Influencer and earn up to $5 for each successful referral (with a maximum of 20 referrals per month, you can earn up to $100 per month, every month)! You can use the accumulated money in their store or, if you wish, you can withdraw it starting from $20.
  • From the start, you’ll automatically have your channel boosted through your partnership with YesStyle, which will be a great help to spread and make your channel and name more recognized by lovers of the cosmetics, beauty, or fashion industry!
  • If you have a YouTube channel with fashion or beauty as its theme, you will also be entitled to fantastic benefits from the “Yes Style Influencer Program” you need to have your YouTube channel active and share this passion. Furthermore, you will also have access to an extensive network of beauty experts and fashionistas. You will also be able to earn up to 10% in commissions from your referral sales, receive a $100 Welcome Coupon and exclusive offers for you and your channel subscribers.
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Program Overview

YSI has the information you need to help beauty YouTube channels exponentially boost their following and expand their audience.

YSI helps you profit from your enthusiasm for YouTube and social media.

Who Should Join?

  1. YouTubers with a thriving beauty or fashion channel.
  2. YouTubers who are nuts about beauty and cosmetics.
  3. YouTubers that love to share makeup ideas and findings in their own unique, quirky style.

You can download the PDF with the full program here.

How to contact the YesStyle team?

You can contact YesStyle by visiting this page.

Is YesStyle legitimate?

Yes, YesStyle is a well-known K-Fashion online shopping destination. The website aims to provide customers with the most up-to-date fashion trends as well as a wide range of diversified and high-quality lifestyle items from all over the world.

YesStyle Influencer Program
YesStyle Influencer Program

Shein VS YesStyle


Many people are familiar with fast fashion companies like H&M or Forever 21 because of the quality of clothing at low prices.

Sure, that is why consumers typically flock to such brands — because they are inexpensive. They aren’t necessarily the most beautiful items around, but they’re adequate for many individuals who just need a clothing item to get the job done.

However, new eCommerce brands have emerged that provide, in many cases, comparable quality clothing at lower prices.

This makes it even more appealing to customers, especially those who are willing to take a risk in order to acquire something that is truly worth their money.

There are several fast-fashion firms on the market now, but let’s look at Shein and YesStyle to see how they market to customers.

The differences between Shein and YesStyle Influencer Programs

Shein appears to have a long-standing interest in consumers from a greater global area. Its clothing items seem similar to those on Forever 21 or Fashion Nova.

It’s no different from other fast fashion companies, but the secrecy of the company and why it has stayed that way for years set it apart.

Shein has risen in popularity over time as it established a more reputable image, which is quite the opposite of its start.

They have established trust with their customers over time, allowing them to enlist influencers to boost their items so that they seem more reputable and trustworthy.

Shein has garnered a lot of positive attention since its inception, and the company appears to be gradually improving in comparison with other leaders in quick fashion, such as Forever 21.

The website’s design, including the use of bright colors and clean images, might appeal to Forever 21’s target demographic: young teenagers wanting to look fashionable but on a budget.

Their marketing style, in particular, demonstrates a clear desire to portray a certain mood.

Because of the kinds of fashions and trends they sell, Shein is clearly aiming for a more Western audience.

Clothes bearing a resemblance to the style worn by Instagram influencers are sold on the site, at a fraction of the cost.

Shein’s website has improved significantly over the years, and it now appears more attractive and trustworthy than in the past.

It appears to be comparable to other fashion websites in terms of trends, which encourages customers to trust the site and its items.

The photos are well shot and look a lot like what you would find on other respectable internet retailers.

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Despite the fact that Shein’s marketing of their goods has improved in consistency, it remains as shady as it once was.

It appears that they were able to produce greater professional campaign photographs, which helped to enhance the company’s reputation as a trustworthy eCommerce firm.


YesStyle, on the other hand, has not been as adaptable over time. Its website has remained largely consistent, with only minor modifications to its web design.

YesStyle, on the other hand, might be interested in expanding its retail presence to cater to wider audiences.

It looks like YesStyle wants to continue focusing primarily on Asians and individuals who are interested in Asian items.

The types of goods they sell may be found in most homes, and since they seem to be focusing on a smaller demographic, it’s doubtful that They’re going for a bigger audience.

As a result, this explains why the YesStyle website has not seen significant modifications over time.

Many Asian websites, on the other hand, are complicated to navigate and feature numerous unneeded design components.

Because of this, there is frequently not much difference in the websites’ designs, since many of these sites are attempting to provide as much information as possible without considering how it will appear to the user.

Asian websites are also considerably more lighthearted in nature, as this is a typical feature on their sites.

For the most part, everything is consolidated onto a single page so that the user may access all of it. This might shed light on YesStyle’s website’s complexity.

Users in both China and Japan prefer the disorganized and cluttered arrangement of information on websites. According to some researchers, this may be caused by both languages’ complex and dense symbols that are compact.

Because there’s no way to make text stand out through bold or italics, they must utilize visual cues to draw attention to essential facts.

This is also true of web design in Asia, where collectivism is ingrained. As a result, there are many styles and flows for group voting. The description of goods should be polite and courteous in language and tone.

However, the majority of their styles do not include any bad language or images. They outsource many of their items as well, so you’ll find products from a variety of different companies throughout Asia.

This is typical with several other Asian websites.

Websites will feature photographs of a model wearing the clothes and then pictures of the item, but those galleries of photos might also be used on a distinct website.

As a result, the images are not real photographs from YesStyle but rather photos taken by the product’s distributor.

The first group of photos will be seen under the same product, but it could also appear different sellers with similar pictures.

YesStyle has made a transition from being like Shein’s early days to becoming more consistent with its overall content on its website in order to be considered a viable alternative for those seeking low-cost and fashionable apparel.

In order to compete with fast-fashion companies like Forever 21 and Fashion Nova, brands must market their items in the same way as those companies do in order to appeal to a wider audience.

The company has stayed true to its roots and continues to serve as the link between Asian goods and consumers who live in areas where such products are difficult to obtain.

Although their products appear to be very distinct and varied, this is owing to their outsourcing, which allows them a lot of options for their clients.

YesStyle, on the other hand, has a long history and is regarded to be a very dependable provider of Asian fashion and beauty items.

On the contrary, Shein is still developing a name for itself as a large brand that customers return to shop at rather than only one-time purchasers who buy items to see if they are worth the trouble.


If you have a fashion, makeup, or beauty YouTube channel, join the YesStyle influencer program because it will help you gain more followers and also give you a chance to earn money from your passion.

Rewards are given when you get your referral to shop at YesStyle. It’s the perfect way for influencers to earn money online. There are also opportunities to be sponsored, get coupons and free gifts.


  • It is possible to create a very comfortable source of income with something you like and currently do.
  • You can join YesStyle and start earning and having discounts on several products right away.
  • You’ll be able to purchase several products that you use every day at a lower price.
  • You can earn money and discounts passively and choose when and where you’ll do it.
  • If you have a fashion, makeup or beauty YouTube channel, join the YesStyle influencer program.

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