Working from Home Jobs: Top 15 Ideas

Last Updated on October 20, 2021

Working from Home Jobs in the US

COVID-19 devastated the employment market in the United States last year and led to a significant increase of Working from Home Jobs. The number of people seeking unemployment benefits for the first time topped 30 million in the months following the epidemic’s declaration as a national emergency, and the unemployment rate climbed to double digits.

“We didn’t see the worst of it until months after COVID-19 was declared a national emergency,” said Professor Douglas Gagnon, director of the University of Boston Center for Labor Market Studies. “The unemployment numbers were bad enough – well into five digits – but what really got our attention was how quickly companies started shutting down bases. By the end of the second quarter, our projections for total employment in this country dropped by more than 6 percent. It was bad. My god, it was bad.”

In part, because working from home jobs possibilities have been expanding, there is a glimmer of hope again. In addition, given the number of jobs that are moving to a home, any prejudice against employing remote workers is dissipating. “Overall, businesses appear to be pleasantly surprised by how well remote work is going for them,” claims Brie Reynolds.

Working from home jobs has long been a popular choice for older people. The good news is that you can now discover a variety of work-from-home employment across many sectors and with varying levels of experience. Here are 18 current work-from-home opportunities. According to and other sources, the average hourly pay is based on data.

Teacher: Working from Home Jobs #1

$10 to $20 per hour is the average paycheck.

Teachers who can work remotely are still in high demand, despite the fact that more schools are returning to in-person instruction. You may use your knowledge and abilities by instructing online for a variety of reasons, whether you want to teach full-time or part-time, kindergarten through graduate school, computer science, or shoe tying.

The pay of tutors can vary considerably, depending on the subjects they teach. For example, according to PayScale, the median hourly wage for an elementary school teacher is about $15 per hour, whereas a postsecondary professor makes roughly $33 per hour. According to Outschool, average salaries for online instructors range from $30 to $40 per hour.

Teaching English is perhaps the most popular remote working opportunity on this list—and it’s easy to see why! If you know other languages, then becoming an interpreter could give you more options for earning money via remote gigs. Translation might not be as hard as you think if your first language is English.

Translator: Working from Home Jobs #2

Typically earnings range from $25 to $45 per hour.

With the global marketplace, there are many opportunities for those who speak more than one language. For example, some work as telephone interpreters, while others provide written translations of documents or websites.

If you’re bilingual, this may be a great opportunity to use your talent on an international level and market yourself as a translator online. You could even find work translating audio or videos so that they can be read on sites like YouTube in different languages. Varies greatly depending on the type of text being translated, how quickly it needs to be done, and geographic region. Check out Indeed for more information about common translation jobs. Transcriptionist

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Typing speed of at least 50 WPM (words per minute) is essential.

Working from home jobs for translators are in high demand. According to one TranslatorAdvisor survey, 81 percent of companies say they cannot always find qualified people for contract jobs, so being able to work from home can be a huge advantage. You may not have access to the same tools or pay as you would with other types of translation work, but you can earn a decent living working from home. A career as a medical translator is a good way to do it.

The job market for translators and interpreters is expected to grow by about 20 percent between 2016 and 2026 (and 14% in the 10 years before that), meaning this field should still be growing at almost 200,000 jobs.

Transcriptionists work in all kinds of environments, including medical facilities and insurance companies. This can be a fantastic opportunity for anyone who loves to write or wants to improve their typing speed. You may even find opportunities to make your own schedule or choose when you want to work (though many companies prefer that you work night shifts).

Typing speed of at least 50 WPM (words per minute) is essential. The average transcriptionist earns around $36,000 annually.

Writer: Working from Home Jobs #3

$10 to $20 per hour is the average paycheck.

If you have experience, you can work remotely creating original content for website or blog posts, writing speeches or books, or even ghostwriting articles and other copy. If this isn’t your area of expertise, you could also consider transcription work as a way to go.

If you want to hire someone to create blog posts, the service I recommend is

So you want to be a writer? It’s no secret that digital content is growing. If you love writing, there are many opportunities for you to work from home as a freelance writer or blogger. You may work for companies directly, or if they prefer, become an independent contractor where you can set your own hours. Most of these jobs require some experience and/or education along with the ability to meet deadlines and excellent grammar skills.

Data Entry: Working from Home Jobs #4

Data entry clerks typically do not need experience or education requirements beyond a high school diploma or GED. Some data entry clerks could earn more than $20/hour after their training was complete. In order to become a remote worker doing data entry, you will usually need access to a computer and an internet connection.

Customer Service Representative: Working from Home Jobs #5

From $10 to $25 per hour, on average. The average salary is $33,500 annually.

If keeping customers happy keeps you up at night, consider working as a remote customer service representative for different businesses on an as-needed basis. You’ll need demonstrable experience in dealing with irate callers politely before you can work on your own. Many remote positions are entry-level, but senior customer service reps with at least three years of experience are highly sought after.

Most organizations require candidates to have at least an associate’s degree in a relevant field or two years of customer service experience. You should also be familiar with the products and/or services you’ll be representing, as well as regulations for handling calls quickly and thoroughly.

Make your home a one-person call center. For a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries, from retail to health care to technology and everything in between, you may be able to assist customers by phone. You could even be able to take a break from talking and offer your services online, allowing clients to interact with you through email or online chat. Although these jobs are work-from-home, you may have residency requirements that prevent you from doing them.

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Customer support staff make a median salary of $32,450. The BLS predicts that employment will expand by 16% from 2016 to 2026.

Computer Support Specialist

From $15 to $40 per hour.

Are you friendly and patient? Do your skills include trouble-shooting and deep knowledge of software and hardware? You may enjoy working as a computer support specialist for companies around the world — just be sure you know what the job entails before committing!

Tech support jobs can range from full-time employment at an IT help desk or other similar company to contract work as a consultant or freelancer. Average salaries vary depending on such factors as industry, location, and years of experience, but you can make anywhere between $15 and $40 per hour.

SEO Specialist

$15 to $40 per hour is the most common hourly pay.

Use your SEO abilities to help businesses improve their positions in internet search results. Website auditors examine and analyze material and design flaws that might be harming them, providing solutions for improvement.

SEO specialists usually need a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience to work on their own. However, there are many jobs that can be done remotely that do not require past experience or education. Companies prefer SEO consultants with technical and analytical skills and good communication abilities, as well as those with knowledge of relevant SEO standards and best practices.

Insurance Agent

The average annual pay for an insurance agent is $58,120.

If you have patience, passion for helping others, and great people skills, you may want to consider becoming an independent insurance agent — either working directly with clients online or offline to find them the right policies at the right price. This profession typically requires state licensing along with some form of postsecondary education (usually about two years). It may be relatively easy to get started in business for yourself, but it isn’t for everyone.

Computer Programmer

The average salary is $75,600 annually.

If you’re a whiz at programming or coding and can work with any number of software platforms, consider working as a contractor remotely for different businesses on an as-needed basis. You could find technical support jobs that allow you to assist customers by phone or email. Or, if your skills are more complex, become an independent consultant who charges clients hourly or per project while making your own hours.

Most companies require computer programmers to have bachelor’s degrees in computer science along with experience in their specialized field, whether it’s data mining or front-end development. There are also many companies that hire programmers who are self-taught.

Software Developer

The average salary is $97,790 annually.

Love to code? Use your skills to work remotely as a web or software developer for different businesses on an as-needed basis. You can find contract opportunities in almost any industry, or even start your own company if you’re interested in creating new platforms and applications.

Most organizations prefer both onsite and remote developers with bachelor’s degrees in computer science. However, there are plenty of opportunities for individuals who have at least three years of experience in development and who are willing to take entry-level positions until they can get the job done well enough to advance.

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Customer Service Manager

The average salary is $58,400 annually.

Many companies hire customer service managers to oversee other call center representatives and ensure that customers are fully satisfied with the services they’re receiving. Some of these positions can be handled remotely while others require onsite work.

Most organizations prefer candidates who have bachelor’s degrees in business, communications, or a related field and at least two years of experience managing other customer service reps — especially if your previous experience is in the same industry you’d like to manage for now.

Computer Network Architect

The average salary is $100,120 per year.

If you think big picture and always imagine how things could be done more efficiently, consider working as a remote computer network architect for different businesses on an as-needed basis. You’ll need extensive experience in designing, planning, and creating networks before you can begin working on your own.

Most organizations require candidates to have bachelor’s degrees in computer science, information systems, or a related field plus at least four years of relevant work experience. You should also be familiar with the equipment used by large companies, including routers, firewalls, and switches.

Marketing Manager

The average salary is $64,500 annually.

If people are drawn to what you say, consider managing the marketing efforts for different businesses remotely while freelancing or consulting for other groups on an as-needed basis. The great thing about marketing managers is that many are expected to handle their own day-to-day tasks unless they’re managing a full team of marketers for an organization.

Most companies prefer candidates who have at least five years of public relations and marketing experience. Another highly desirable trait is a bachelor’s degree in business, communications, or a related field, but if you can show that you’re able to handle marketing duties well enough on your own without supervision, you may be able to land an entry-level position as a marketing assistant, coordinator or associate.

Editorial Assistant

The average salary is $35,800 per year.

If grammar is your thing (and it certainly should be if you want to ace this job), consider working virtually as an editorial assistant for different businesses on an as-needed basis. The great thing about this role is that responsibilities can range from copy editing to proofreading depending on the organization; some positions involve writing while others do not.

Most organizations require candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, or a related field. You should also be familiar with AP style and able to work quickly without sacrificing accuracy.

Virtual Assistant

The average salary is $15 per hour.

If you’re resourceful, quick on your feet, and enjoy helping people solve their problems remotely, working as a virtual assistant for different businesses on an as-needed basis might be right up your alley. Many of these positions are entry-level or involve limited administrative duties, though it’s possible that more complex tasks may arise over time if you perform well during your training period.

Most organizations prefer candidates who have some experience in office administration or customer service. You should also be familiar with the different types of administrative duties and able to follow instructions well.

And so on and so forth. We could go on for a long time, but the point is clear: there are dozens of work-from-home jobs out there that you can do to avoid ever having to commute again. We hope this article has been helpful! If it was, let us know by sharing it with your friends and family members who would benefit from working from home as well.

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