What Are The Ingredients In The Covid 19 Vaccine ?

Last Updated on November 2, 2021

What Are The Ingredients In The Covid 19 Vaccine ? The most striking thing about Covid 19 is that it contains sodium chloride—salt. The vaccine consists of three salts: calcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, and potassium phosphate.

Calcium phosphate increases the ‘alkalinity’ of the vaccine by inhibiting the growth of mold, yeast, fungi, bacteria, and some viruses.

“Sodium bicarbonate raises the pH (makes it more alkaline), which ‘eliminates’ the HPV virus by supporting the immune system to attack the virus. Potassium phosphate is an essential mineral that works closely with sodium bicarbonate to support the immune system properly.”

What Are The Ingredients In The Covid 19 Vaccine
What Are The Ingredients In The Covid 19 Vaccine

Covid 19 also contains:

  • Lactic acid (an additive in milk);
  • Sterile water for injection;
  • Trace minerals including zinc sulfate heptahydrate and potassium chloride—both electrolytes vital to survival.

It also contains magnesium chloride hexahydrate, “which has anti-viral properties,” according to Nature’s Way, a manufacturer of Covid 19. The compound appears necessary for calcium carbonates antiseptic effects, possibly by affecting metal ions required for catalysis.

The vaccine also contains several other chemicals, including:

  • Acetic acid (used in the food industry as a flavoring agent and preservative);
  • Sodium acetate trihydrate (a food additive, this is used as an agent to adjust the pH);
  • Alcohols (which act as preservatives) include benzyl alcohol (a naturally occurring fatty alcohol found in many soft drinks and fruit juices that acts as a bactericide, fungicide, and preservative);
  • L-histidine (an amino acid that has antioxidant properties);
  • Phosphate buffers (to maintain proper pH levels), including disodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate—both of which are water; 
  • Disodium phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, and sodium phosphate.
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Then several chemicals help maintain pH levels—potassium hydroxide, monosodium phosphate anhydrous, potassium carbonate. 

What Are The Ingredients In The Covid 19 Vaccine? There are also substances used to preserve the vaccine, including:

  •  Phenol (an aromatic organic compound with antiseptic properties commonly found in cough medicine), 
  • Benzyl alcohol (a naturally occurring fatty alcohol found in many soft drinks and fruit juices that acts as a bactericide, fungicide, and preservative). 
  • The vaccine also included benzethonium chloride—it’s an antiseptic.

Can Businesses Require Vaccination?

Nowadays, the question is: “am I going to need to get vaccinated to get a job?” or “am I going to lose my job if I choose not to take the vaccine?”, you probably won’t, but your employer will think about it. 

People have the liberty to choose, but we can’t forget all the consequences that this pandemic brought to the world’s economy, to all kinds of businesses and companies. Therefore, employers can’t afford to lose more wealth and employees due to this current situation. 

Saying that most people believe that’s the way to overcome this catastrophic age because it is working

The vaccine brought hope to the whole world, and that’s just the way for people to fight for their lives, creating solutions, overcoming problems, afterward, that’s what the vaccine has proven at this point, not its’ efficiency, but is the light we haven’t seen for almost two years now. 

Here is consciousness, civility, and most respect for the human beings that are being weakened and dying over this pandemic. 

The ones who really should be scared about this are the main reason people are choosing the safe way to end this global pain and keep on living our lives as we remember. 

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This vaccine brought hope globally, and it shows to be the best solution we have. If you have your own business, you understand why people are getting picky over the vaccine. It is just a way to give insurance that the industry will still move on. The economy keeps flowing, and since the world is all going through this, people must unite to win this battle.

Even if you get vaccinated, you still have to behave like a world’s citizen and follow the advice of your country’s spokesman, acknowledging that there are people that can be in trouble over irresponsible acts of others. 

can business require vaccination
can business require vaccination

People can’t judge others just because of their choice regarding the vaccine, which is not that strange nowadays. People need to get that their lives may be in trouble in the future, deciding to face the virus without protection for you and your surroundings. However, we still have no proof that the vaccine will work perfectly, so we have to give time for things to settle and resolutions to come. 

Being patient, respectful of one another will bring our freedom back. Whether you got fired because you chose not to be vaccinated is not an obligation because it is legitimate at this early point. Afterward, it’s our health and our future on this planet at stake, companies need stability, and that’s what they do. 

At this point, there is no right or wrong. It is not because you took the vaccine that suddenly you are an example of citizenship because most people are getting vaccinated to not worry about the restrictions and roam around without consequences. 

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It is supposed to protect the whole world, not just some people. We can do that whenever this gets done, and as soon as we get proof that the vaccine is the solution, we are getting the whole world fixed in days.


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