Virtual Business Address – What Is It And Where To Get One

Last Updated on November 2, 2021

When we discuss creating a company and establishing your own business, you will always need a physical business address. You cannot use your home address, for example, for this purpose. You can also have a completely virtual business or one that doesn’t need a physical space to be run, and this is where virtual business addresses make a difference!

Virtual Business Address
Virtual Business Address

With the creation and evolution of the internet, entrepreneurs started to run their businesses from their homes. And now, more recently, with the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic, many companies are beginning to choose to work virtually as much as possible and leave only those tasks where physical contact is required for something face-to-face.

The office service or virtual address is an exciting model for service companies, which do not necessarily need a permanent physical location for operation, working with remote teams, or being formed only by the self-employed professional.

So what are virtual business addresses anyway? Why not give preference to a physical address? As simple as it may seem to arrange a virtual business address, this process is behind a series of other factors, such as ideal cost, city hall licensing for operation, attractiveness to customers, ease of access for employees, among others.

However, the virtual address model does not fit all types of businesses. Suppose the company needs to keep stock or operates with perishable items, for example. In that case, it is necessary to confirm whether the specific regulations of that city allow this form of registration.

Virtual business addresses are physical addresses that come with virtual office rentals. A virtual office is a comprehensive package of solutions provided to run an online business. It will allow you to work virtually and anywhere in the world while enjoying the benefits of a physical office. Your company gets a physical business address at your desired location, without the high overhead or rental costs. You can remotely manage your necessary e-mails and request actions such as verifications, referrals or manage your team of virtual assistants.

These virtual offices offer a range of services to help your business run efficiently, wherever you are and at any time of the day! In addition to a physical address, a virtual office can offer so much more. They can come with a variety of features that maximize your efficiency and increase your company’s credibility.

When you need an address for business purposes, you will have to think about your privacy since it will be an address published on websites, lists, and legal forms. And what are the differences between virtual, business, and fiscal addresses? When hiring a virtual address, it is crucial to remember that it should not be confused with the company and fiscal addresses.

To avoid problems, we will better explain the differences between them:

  • Virtual address: As previously mentioned, this is a service offered to companies that makes available their commercial and fiscal address, mail reception, phone answering, etc., indicated for self-employed professionals, freelancers, those who work from a home office, small and medium-sized companies and other entrepreneurs who cannot afford the costs of a physical establishment.
  • Business address: this is the address used to publicize the business, which will be included in websites, business cards, and other materials, becoming the reference point for clients and partners since it corresponds to where the establishment physically exists. It is a good model for organizations that cannot, as yet, afford to rent a good location but need a physical place to hold meetings.
  • Fiscal address: This is used for tax and fiscal issues when registering the company with the Internal Revenue Service. Therefore, it is used in all company documents, such as the articles of incorporation, CNPJ, State Registration, and location license. According to the law, it is recommended for organizations that sell products and have no physical address, which is required to obtain the State Registration.
    Are you interested in learning more about virtual addresses and understanding how they can be an option for your company? The most recommended way is to contact a company that offers this type of service in your city or region where you intend to provide your services.

Virtual Address For Business – What Are The Benefits?

As we said, the virtual office works very well for small businesses or self-employed professionals who provide services, such as agencies, accountants, lawyers, coaches, psychologists, freelancers, among others. To these types of business are a lot of advantages since there is no need to maintain a physical space so that all costs related to renting facilities, among others, are eliminated.

Here we mention the main benefits of having a virtual address for your business:

  • A virtual business address is a physical address, and it is necessary to have one open a bank account and sign up for payment gateways. Therefore, a virtual address is ideal for these scenarios;
  • Depending on your provider, a virtual office may provide features such as a virtual mailbox and mail management services;
  • They may also provide local or toll-free phone numbers and live receptionists or personalized answering services;
  • You may get access to meeting spaces;
  • Teams and professionals can work from home, taking advantage of special conditions for room rental when there is a need to schedule meetings with clients, for example. It is estimated that it is possible to achieve up to 80% savings concerning traditional office costs;
  • You should note that the virtual office is a good alternative for entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey. It is especially indicated for those who do not have many resources available but want to present their business to the market formally;
  • It saves money. If you are looking to save, since expenses with physical space maintenance and other costs, such as rent or paying employees for reasonable labor charges, among others, are eliminated;
  • It is an excellent option for professionals who need to serve clients in several locations, as it makes it easier to help clients or business partners in other cities for a much lower cost.
Virtual Address For Business
Virtual Address For Business

Free Virtual Business Address

Some several websites and companies can provide a free virtual business address for your business. While a paid option contains more perks and benefits, accessible features are also available and may ultimately satisfy the needs of many users.

Some examples of free virtual business address services are:

  • Anytime Mailbox: is a platform that offers real addresses that serve 1185 different locations. They provide several services, such as checking your deposits, and they manage your mail and packages. A unique feature of this virtual mailbox is the free and unlimited online storage. You can enter it on any laptop or smartphone, both Android and Apple.
  • PostScan Mail: provides a virtual business address or personal mailing address for over 400 different locations. In addition to mail forwarding and scanning, you can also go there in person and pick up what you need as they have a physical location.
  • Incfile: offers a virtual address and a virtual mailbox for digital nomads. Incfile handles only letters and large envelopes, not packages. Bank checks and credit/debit cards to the assigned address. Unlike other services, this one doesn’t have a pickup location.
  • Traveling Mailbox: this tool provides real addresses for thousands of travelers, ex-pats, individuals, and businesses. The physical street gives a professional touch, compared to just the P.O. Box.
    This service has the additional feature of having your number.- iPostal1: It’s a full-service digital mailbox provider with over 2,000 real addresses. It allows you to control your mail and packages from everywhere. The virtual office address can function for small or home businesses, but it’s more expensive than the standard option.
Free Virtual Business Address
Free Virtual Business Address


So, what do we need to consider when we are looking for a virtual business address?

  • It’s a service that you can take online and for free;
  • Having a virtual business address can bring a lot of benefits;
  • Multiple companies are offering their kind of services, and some of them have more features than others, making some of them more compatible with the type of business that you’re into;
  • If you want a virtual business address, the best for you is to contact several companies and only make a decision after.

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