Travel Influencer: Guide On Finding One For Your Brand

Last Updated on October 25, 2021

Who Are Travel Influencers and Why Are They so Important?

A Travel Influencer is someone who shares their experiences, adventures, and travels with the world through social media channels like Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. They have dedicated their lives to traveling the world, taking pictures of it, and then sharing that imagery on social media platforms where they engage with fans at a growing rate of speed every single day.

Now if you’re looking to target an audience that spends hundreds of billions of dollars annually but you don’t know how to reach them beyond TV spots or magazine advertisements, travel influencers are your go-to-market strategy for 2022. The truth is there are so many incredible ways to work with travel influencers whether you want to collaborate on content creation or bring awareness about your brand/product to a wider audience.

How Do Travel Influencers Work?

Travel Influencer
Travel Influencer

One of the main reasons travel influencers are such an effective marketing tool is because the travelers that use these platforms understand their demographic and what resonates with them — technology, new experiences, and adventure.

When engaging with travel influencers on social media, you’re really getting insight into how your target market communicates and shares information about new products and services they love (and some they don’t). Establishing this kind of connection can be extremely beneficial when it comes time for product development so you know exactly what people want before it’s available to buy.

Another benefit of working with travel bloggers/influencers is that there isn’t as much competition as you might think. Because the majority of people aren’t showcasing their lives for all to see, you’re bound to stand out in your niche which makes it easier (and more effective) to get noticed by travel influencers. Now that you know why these individuals are essential when it comes to advertising and marketing let’s talk about what you need to do if you want a successful campaign with travel influencers.

Getting Started With A Travel Influencer

The first step is setting up a strategy. You need to think about how you want your campaign to go and what you’ll be using the influencer’s channel for — social media posts? YouTube videos? Or both?

Next, uncover who all the travel influencers are in your niche and figure out who fits best with your brand or product. Make sure to do some research into their channels and check out their styles of content so you know exactly what they’re about before moving forward. While it would be lovely if every single one of these travelers could help you increase loyalty and bring awareness to your products, not everyone will fit. So choose wisely!

Travel Influencer
Travel Influencer

Once you’ve got a list of travel influencers who fit with your brand, it’s time to start reaching out. The best way to find contact information for these individuals is by looking on their social media pages (be sure not to spam accounts that don’t fit what you’re doing). Make sure you set up a strategy for how you’ll do outreach before starting so everything goes smoothly and no one feels bombarded with messages from different brands.

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You can also hire Cision PR Newswire or BuzzSumo to help uncover influencers in your niche.

When it comes down to actually bringing awareness about your product or service to travel influencers, there are quite a few different ways you can accomplish this goal:

1. Joint Ventures – This is when a brand/company partners with an influencer to bring awareness to the product they’re trying to sell. It’s important for this type of campaign that both parties are prepared and understand exactly how it will work before moving forward.

2. Product Review – This is when a travel influencer writes about your product or service on their social media channels (and often links back to the original source). Reviews can be done in text form, photo posts, or even video posts so they reach as many readers as possible.

3. Giveaways – Travelers love contests and giveaways because multiple people have a chance at winning something fun — plus these individuals want to engage with brands they like so what better way than by giving away products?

4. Social Media Takeover – This is when a trader takes over an influencer’s social media channel for a certain period of time and they use it to bring awareness to their products. On the other hand, this can also be done by having an influencer take over your own company’s account so you get even more coverage!

As you can see, there are many different ways to work with travel influencers and all of them can benefit your brand in one way or another. The key is getting creative and coming up with ideas that will resonate best for your target market — then, sit back and watch as positive results start rolling in.

How to Find and Work with a Solid Travel Influencer: 5 Steps

1. Plan

What type of influencer will you be contacting? This is important to answer before you begin your search for someone who may be interested in promoting your product or service on their blog, their social media, etc. Examples are travel bloggers, Youtubers, Instagrammers, Snapchatters.

2. Find

Use a tool like Traackr which allows you to narrow the results based on the number of followers they have, location, gender, language is spoken, etc… Once you’ve narrowed it down to an influencer, do more research on them. Use a tool like Social Blade to look at their growth over the last few months or years. If you notice that they’ve been growing steadily and seem to have an established audience, then their traffic isn’t likely from one single post – meaning they’re not as “easy” of a target as someone who is just starting out on social media.

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3. Make contact

Once you have your list of potential influencers, the next step is figuring out how to approach them about working with you. The best way to find reachable influencers is through Twitter. Avoiding email may help keep you from being ignored! On Twitter, search for hashtags or keywords that will bring up accounts that are relevant to your product or service. Once you’ve found them, send them a casual tweet mentioning your brand and the work that they do. If this is done in hopes of building a relationship to later ask for something in return, then avoid talking about money until further along in the process (ex: after you’ve actually worked with them and established trust).

4. Reach terms and conditions (optional)

This isn’t necessary when asking someone who has already promoted other brands in exchange for compensation; however, it is very much recommended when approaching an influencer whose following doesn’t seem to have been built from these types of partnerships. When requesting that they promote your product or service, include a contract that clearly states what each party will get out of the deal. Make sure to include the date of publication, how long the promotion will last, and where it’ll be published.

5. Create content and finalize details

Now that you’ve established a contract, all there is left to do is create some content and finalize the details like: day and time of publication, links to affiliate or referral programs (for both parties), and anything else you feel should be noted (example: if your post includes any videos; whether those videos are uploaded as originals on YouTube by your influencer or re-purposed from their social media channels).

The Role Of Travel Influencer Bloggers In The World Of Online Marketing

The internet has completely changed the way we do business. Thanks to advancements such as eCommerce and social media, it is now (arguably) easier than ever to buy and sell products online. Nowadays, most people go straight to their favorite search engine in order to find whatever it is they’re looking for which means that getting your product or service in front of an audience with a significant reach can be done through digital marketing.

Travel blogging seems like it would be a great option: who wouldn’t love to travel the world and get paid for writing about their experiences? However, as is often the case with these sorts of things; there’s more involved than just packing up and going on vacation! In this article, We will explain what travel bloggers do and how they work with brands.

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What is a Travel Influencer Blogger?

Travel blogging is what it sounds like: writing blog posts for an online audience by means of a website, social media channels (ex: Instagram), and/or e-publications (freelance writers who publish content through websites like Outpost Magazine).

How does it work?

Travel Influencer
Travel Influencer

Influencers are among the most influential people on the internet, due to their ability to direct large amounts of traffic to certain links. They get paid to promote products or services in return for sharing their own personal opinion about said product or service via blogs, YouTube videos, etc. The more popular they are, the more money that can be made through promoting other companies products or services.

Even if you can’t afford to hire a full-time blogger, it is possible to get the attention of an influencer; all it takes is research and some planning. First things first: choose your brand ambassadors (the people who will be promoting your product) wisely: make sure they have a large following and that their audience matches what you’re trying to sell. Then, simply reach out to them and request that they do a review of your product on social media, in exchange for sending them some free gear/free samples (you can also pay travel bloggers per post).

Real-Life Example: A travel blogger with over 600,000 followers on Instagram was hired by Airbnb last year. Not only did she put up glowing reviews of her experience staying at various Airbnb locations around the world, but she also posted pictures of herself actually using the service. While this isn’t strictly speaking an ‘advertising campaign’ (since it wasn’t found under that category on AirBnb’s official website), it definitely had a positive impact on business- as did campaigns performed by other bloggers who were paid to document their experiences with the company.

How Much A Travel Influencer Cost?

While travel blogging is free from some perspectives (after all, you’re already paying for those plane tickets and hotel rooms!), there are a few hidden costs that must be considered: time, writing talent, etc. In order to find a quality blogger or vlogger willing to promote your business, plan on spending anywhere from $100 to-500.

Marketing is a difficult industry to break into: it takes time and talent (not to mention hard work) in order to create effective campaigns that will yield results. For this reason, we recommend hiring an experienced marketing agency specializing in the tourism and travel fields for your next campaign: they already have established relationships with popular travel bloggers and vloggers and understand exactly what makes these individuals tick (and how best to approach them). That way you can rest assured knowing that your project won’t be bungled due to inexperience- which could ultimately cost you more than paying a professional would!

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