The Secret For Getting Rich Buying And Selling Domain Names

Last Updated on September 10, 2021

How to make money buying and selling domain names? How to buy and sell domain names?

You probably asked yourself why some people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars by buying and selling domains, and others never make a single penny. If you are willing to invest your time and effort into making money through domain name investments, then this guide on How to make money buying and selling domain names is made for you. It gathers information about the most popular domains and money-making opportunities.

Buying And Selling Domain Names

Domain names are like valuable commodities. If you want to make money buying and selling them, this article is for you. They can be an efficient way to make money in the long run if you identify suitable website niches and keep your eye on the market trends.

The reason behind this is a term called STR, which means “sell-through ratio”. It is the percent of domains you would sell in 1 year. STR´s can vary from 1% to 10%.

How to buy and sell domain names part time for profit

Looking to Buying And Selling Domain Names for profit? So don´t expect to make immediate money if you have 10 domains, even if they are quality ones, you will need at least 100 domains to have a decent portfolio and expect to sell a couple of them per year, and for 100 domain portfolios that would be mostly between 1 and 5 per year for a normal investor. Most people fail in this business because they simply quit after waiting a couple of months without sales – that is the biggest error you could make. If you have quality keywords or brandable domains, you should stick with them for many years, this is a marathon, trust me.

Your domain portfolio STR depends mainly on the quality, keywords, and if your domains are brandable. Single-word .com domains have the highest STRs, as well as 4 and 3 letter .com domains, but are they good to make a profit?

It is important to understand the different ways in which people make money by buying and selling domain names. There are many factors that go into the decision of whether to buy or sell a domain name.

The number one factor you should consider before buying or selling any domain is its current market value. This includes how the name plays in search engine rankings and how much revenue it can produce.

Well, that’s not entirely true, since in order to have these domains you probably had to pay an expensive price tag for them, as they are always in huge demand.

So, what is the secret?

Well, there are actually two secrets:

  1. Have a lot of domains, and with a lot i mean more than 500 domains.
  2. Buy quality domains CHEAP and sell them for much higher values!

So how to buy cheap quality domain names…

How to buy a domain name to sell

It is possible, and it is not very difficult actually, it just takes some time and patience.

The best way is to look for expired and backorder domains, as these valuable domains belong to someone that will forget to renew them, or the credit card just didn´t work for the automatic renewal…what an opportunity!

Personally, I prefer expired domain auctions rather than backorders, this is because backorders are mostly unsuccessful (lots of registrars competing!) and even in a case where your registrar gets the domain if it is a good one, it will go on auction for a much higher price.

On the other side, expired domain auctions are final (usually 3 days after the auction ends), and it’s much more probable that you will get them.

I have seen so many EXCELLENT expired domains being auctioned with final prices of just $15! Those domains are often Estibot evaluated between $500 to $5000! You just need to have some patience to look for them and keep bidding in all of them, even if you won´t win in some.

For keyword domains, a good tip is to check for the number of searches on the keywords of each domain you bid on. For this you can use Semrush or Ahrefs, bid on every domain that has monthly searches of more than 500 – more than 1000 is a great deal and more than 5000 will make you rich!

The places I use to bid on them are mostly Dynadot, Godaddy Auctions, and Namecheap.

Here comes the Math…

You buy 500 domains in expired auctions for an average price of $20 each.

500 * 20 = $10000   < Initial domain buy expense

You sell them for $3000 each (average sale price on Brandpa, as an example). STR of 4%.

3000 * 500 * 0.04 = $60000 < Expected yearly revenue

So, your final profit each year with 500 domains is:

60000 – 10000 = $50000 !

On the following years, you just need to pay for the renewal price, which is half of the initial buy price, so the profit will be even higher!

While you don´t sell the domains, you can simply park them or create content on them with ads, so they will generate enough profit to pay for their own yearly renewals. What a deal!

The best places to sell domains. How to sell a domain name?

It depends, if it is a brandable domain, I use Brandpa and BrandBucket. Brandpa charges a $5 fee for each domain listing, but it’s worth it since their STR´s are easily higher than the other platforms, and the $5 is used to pay the designer for the domain brand logo.

If they are keyword domains, it’s best to sell them on Godaddy, Afternic, and SEDO, those are the main 3 platforms I use. I have got great results and STR´s so far.

How to sell a domain name on godaddy? How to sell domain names on godaddy?

If you are looking for a way to sell your domain name, then GoDaddy is the best place to go. You can start by logging in to your account and selecting the “selling domains” option. Then, you will be able to decide which price range you would like to go with and what you would like the sale process to be like.

GoDaddy has been in this business for quite some time now. They want to make sure that when you sell your domain name, it is sold for the best possible price. GoDaddy Auctions are where you can do just that.

GoDaddy Auctions is one of the most popular ways to sell your domain name at the best prices. They offer a variety of features like Buy Now, Bid Now, and Reserve Now to help with the process of selling your domain name.

Domain names are becoming more valuable over the years, which is why it is important to sell them when they become available. GoDaddy Auctions allows you to sell your domain name for the best price, it is a great place to start. It allows you to sell your domain name in a quick and easy process. However, it does require that you have at least one year of registration history with the company.

The auction process is fast and painless and you never know what you might get for your domain name.

Does squarespace sell all domain names?

The answer is yes. All the Squarespace domains are available for purchase from

How to sell a domain name privately

Selling a domain name privately is one of the most common ways to acquire a domain name. It requires you to find a buyer and negotiate the deal without an intermediary.

There are many factors that make it difficult for businesses to sell their domain names privately. These include the “right” price, the “right” time, and finding someone who is interested in buying it. Many people think that they can just keep holding onto their domain name if nobody wants it, but the longer one waits the more likely they are to lose money on it.

Many companies offer services like this as part of their portfolio of services which means you can sell your domain name without any hassle or stress.

I hope you enjoyed this guide. Feel free to post your comments and questions, I will be very happy to help you the best as I can.

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