RS3 Money Making: How to Make Tons of Cash on Runescape 3

Last Updated on October 27, 2021

I hope you are enjoying RuneScape 3. I have put together a list of our favorite ways to RS3 Money Making in this blog post. Check out the list below and let me know what your favorite way is, or if we missed any!


One of the best ways to make rs gold fast is through Slayer. Here’s how!

Slayer is a great rs money-making method that can be done with an efficient team. This will allow you to receive fast slayer task rewards and complete them quickly!

You can get slayer tasks from any slayer master. A great way to make rs gold fast is by getting a task that pays well, which you will definitely find on the more difficult Slayer masters such as Kuradal and Morvran. These higher-level slayers allow for quicker kills while still paying out 20-30k permission!

By completing these types of Slayer missions it allows you to receive some amazing drops including RuneScape blue charms, Granite Mauls, Dragon Boots, Ranger’s tunics, and much more!

These items sell very quickly depending on their stats at the Grand Exchange where players are constantly buying rs gold. This makes Slayer an extremely efficient money-making method in RS with tons of rs gold-making potential!

Slayer is one of the best RS3 Money Making methods to make tons of cash in RuneScape. This method has been around for years and you can still receive some great rewards today with high kill rates that payout well at the Grand Exchange.

Selling items on the Grand Exchange for RS3 Money Making

Selling items on the Grand Exchange for profit is a great way to RS3 Money Making. You can either buy items and then sell them, or you can make your own products.

Selling items on the Grand Exchange is a great way to RS3 Money Making. You may find it easier to just purchase an item and resell it at a higher price depending on its value and rarity of course! Players looking for those rarer items should be sure to spend time skilling up so they have enough money saved to afford such expensive things as well as other necessary gear that will help bring more profits into their coffers!

If selling high-level materials isn’t what players are after, perhaps crafting might be the right option instead? Creating runes from rune essence could earn players RS3 Money Making GP. Crafting runes is a much cheaper alternative to purchasing them on the Grand Exchange, but it does take up more time than just buying what you need!

RS3 Money Making – Classic methods

RS is always providing new ways players can make rs gold, but nothing beats the classic methods. More traditional rs money-making options are things like fishing or mining for rs gp. These are tried and true methods of obtaining more coins in RuneScape. But don’t stop there – do something different this week by trying out some unique rs quests that offer tons of coin as well! For example, why not try Stealing Creation? Stealing Creation is one of the most popular questing areas because it provides lots of opportunities for rs money-making. People can gather resources such as logs, flax, and pure essence for use in the creation of combat gear! The possibilities are endless when it comes to rs quests that offer rs gold.

Try out some unique RS3 Money Making quests

Perhaps you could try something different this week by trying out some unique RuneScape quests that offer RS gold instead. For example, why not try Stealing Creation? There you can earn Runescape gold by using your skills and killing monsters to gain points.

Try out some fun activities like the circus event or penguin quest. You can even try your hand at some rs quests like Creature of Fenkenstrain or The Eyes of Glouphrie.

You should also check out the rs wiki to find information on how you complete each quest, what skills are required, and items needed for completion.

If you have a high combat level then you could always enter into an enemy clan castle with other players online to take down their walls using siege weapons! It’s just one example of many fun things that RuneScape offers its players so be sure to give them all a go – if only once! RS gold is very difficult to come by in-game but here on our website, we offer it as an easier way for players who don’t want the time investment involved in rs gold gathering.

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Try RS3 Money Making Minigames

Another option is to try your hand at some rs minigames. These are not only fun but popular ways to RS3 Money Making fast!

For example, Pest Control offers rs money-making opportunities through the rewards players earn for defeating different types of pests. The higher the tier you finish in, the more RS GP you will win! Other options include Castle Wars and Soul Wars which provide similar results – high levels of rs gp.

Perhaps try something completely new this week by trying out one or two RuneScape mini-games where you can also make lots of RS Gold, such as Pest Control (where depending on what level task you complete it’ll give a certain amount of RS GP) or Castle Wars or Soul Wars which are similar in providing rs gold.

Skinning and Mining

Skinning and Mining are also popular rs money-making methods in RS, check out why they’re so good here!

If you want to level up your skills quickly then doing quests is always an option for extra cash or rewards that can be sold on the Grand Exchange.

Killing mobs for drops and killing monsters to level up skills faster

Killing mobs for drops is another common method for RS3 Money Making but it requires patience and dedication as this will take much longer than other options available without mastery levels.

*Killing Gilded Altars*  is one of the most popular money-making methods for rs players who have completed Plague’s End. If you haven’t, I recommend doing it because it will be very profitable but also quite slow compared to other rs moneymaking options. To do this method simply go out into prifddinas (requires completion of Plague’s end), head towards the gilded altar located southeast of clan citadel portal southeast outside Priffdinnas gate then cast blood barrage on them until they die or drop cashrunes! The altar will only give you around 56 rs gp per kill, but it is much less crowded than killing regular mobs.

*Gargoyles Money Making Method* Another great rs moneymaking method requires the completion of While Guthix Sleeps quest which gives players access to four new areas within RuneScape. Gargoyle’s are one of these bosses located in the Slayer tower where they are found on each floor except for basement and roof floors. I recommend using stone gaze or meleed-based abilities with a drygore mace (or whip/rapier) while ranging down them until their health gets under half then meleeing them till death! Each gargoyle killed earns rs players about 15k+ points along with 100-200 rs gp per kill.

*Barrows Method*  If you have the rs fire cape, then this money-making method is for you! This rs moneymaking option requires level 60 slayer to damage barrows brothers which can be found in morytania near the town of Burgh de Rott at their crypt located south of varrock teleport by fairy ring code bkr. When entering Barrows area head down into the first room where they are all lined up and enter a multi-combat zone meaning players will not take any damage from other monsters while killing them but each brother killed has an increased chance of dropping items including cash runes that range around 100 rs gold per drop on average with occasional rare loot worth millions! rs players about 500-600 rs gp per

*Bandos Method*  One of rs best money-making methods is through the Bandos god wars dungeon where players can kill all four generals for a chance at receiving cash runes for each kill. Please note that this method requires 80 slayer to access dungeons and completion of The Chosen Commander quest for entry! To start killing these bosses, head into the first room located on the west side then run south towards General Graardor’s chamber which he will be sleeping on his chair before you enter so make sure you are ready to fight him or have someone tanking because if not everyone takes 50 damage every few seconds until it dies. Each general killed gives rs players about 60 rs GP per kill along with a small chance at rare drops such as drygore weaponry and cash runes so it is very profitable!

*Abyssal Demons Method*  Another great rs money-making method requires level 85 slayer to access abysses which are found underneath the wilderness located south of edgeville. To get here, teleport to wildy using a games necklace then use tele-grab on roots until you can’t go any further north before heading east into the dungeon area where Abyssal demons reside. Once in their chamber, enter a multi-combat zone meaning other monsters will not attack while killing them but each demon killed has an increased chance of dropping items including cash runes that range around 100 rs gold per drop on average with occasional rare loot worth millions! rs players about 400 rs gp per kill.

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* Dungeoneering Method*  One of the best money-making methods within RuneScape is dungeoneering which requires a level 99 slayer to access plenty of unique monsters that are not seen anywhere else in Runescape including our favorite, cash rune droppers! To start killing these bosses you will need at least one friend with 99 slayer and a team of around five other people where everyone must have at least lvl 70+ combat stats or higher so they can actually do some damage against them. Once inside their chamber head north then east where you’ll find all four generals sleeping on thrones before entering a multi-combat zone meaning other monsters won’t attack while killing them but each boss killed has an increased chance of dropping items including rs gold. rs players about 100-300 rs gp per kill depending on what method is used to kill the bosses!

*Wilderness Method*  The wilderness is a very dangerous place filled with lots of high-level PKers so I do not recommend going here without gear and combat stats much higher than their requirements listed above for slayer as well as 80 prayer just in case you die from another player attacking you or monsters that reside there such as green dragons, chaos druids, hill giants, etc… To start killing these bosses head out into the deep wildy then run south until reaching multi-combat zone meaning other monsters won’t attack while killing them gets rs players about 100 rs gp per kill because this method is extremely dangerous due to other high-level pkers.

*Abyssal Whip Method*  The abyssal whip is a reward from the Dungeoneering skill which costs 200,000 dungeoneering tokens and has an increased chance of receiving cash runes as its special attack! rs players about 60 rs gp per kill.

*Ancient Curses Method*  The ancient curse is a reward for completing all hard and elite clue scrolls which increase the chance of receiving cash runes as its special attack! rs players about 70 rs gp per kill.

*Slayer Helmet Method*  The slayer helmet is a reward for completing 400 slayer tasks which have an increased chance of receiving cash runes as its special attack! rs players about 60 rs gp per kill.

*Drygore Method*  The drygore weaponry is a reward from the Dungeoneering skill which costs 200,000 dungeoneering tokens and has an increased chance of receiving cash runes as its special attack! rs players about 100 rs GP per kill.

*Dragon Halberd Method*  The dragon halberd is a reward from the Dungeoneering skill which costs 200,000 dungeoneering tokens and has an increased chance of receiving cash runes as its special attack! rs players about 80 rs GP per kill.

*Kalphite Method*  The kalphite bosses are found in the Kalphite lair which is located west of Shantay pass to get here teleport to shantay then run south until reaching multi-combat zone meaning other monsters won’t attack while killing them rs players about 100 rs GP per kill.

Farming resources like logs, ores, herbs, seeds, etc.

It is a good way to make rs gold. Mining rune essence is also another form of money-making, as well as fletching and crafting items such as bows and arrows.

Buying resources cheaply and selling them for more on the Grand Exchange

It is a fantastic way to make money. This method is very time-consuming and requires patience, but can be worth it in the long run.

First of all, find out what the most profitable items are on rs: monster wars by checking each item’s price history (this worksheet has some helpful graphs). Then decide which one you want to mass-produce and turn into cash for rs account sale. If possible, look up how much experience or coins they give when made into finished products; that will also help determine their value. Make sure you have enough bank space available since this process takes several hours!

Once you’ve decided on an item with good profit margins, start working your way towards making huge amounts of them. For example, if you wanted to make lobsters, you’d need a high level of fishing and cooking. First, catch the raw materials (fish) with your bare hands or buy them from other players for rs gold. Then cook those fish into cooked shrimps at a fire using logs which can be inexpensively bought from rs shops or earned through woodcutting training

Finally, turn that shrimp into a lobster pot pie by combining it with pastry dough on top of another range. This process requires LVL 55 cooking so have some extra cash handy depending on how much XP per hour you’ll gain from creating these pies! If done correctly each one should sell for about 400gp as a finished product. Once completed this will grant over 100k experience an hour.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of creating these items yourself, there are plenty rs gold shops selling finished products at great prices! The market value for individual ingredients may vary so it’s best to look up price history charts if possible. You can also find rs players who will buy your raw materials cheap and sell them on grand exchange but this is a little trickier as rs accounts have more risk involved with them. Buy rs account from reputable sites for good deals on Powerleveling services or RS Gold. Anytime they get banned/scammed their rs money is gone forever so always do thorough research before buying anything from another player. This is just one way that makes rs fast, but certainly not the only rs gold-making option.

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If you follow these tips and keep practicing, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to set up your own rs moneymaking empire before long! Now get out there and grind some rs gp!

Trading items between players

Trading items between players to receive larger profits than trading with the Grand Exchange is a best rs money-making strategy.

One of the easiest rs money-making methods is to buy items at their low price and sell them for a higher one.

As you probably already know, selling on RS’s Grand Exchange requires some time before your item will be sold because it has thousands of buyers sitting there waiting. That means that if an item gets bought out too soon, you’ve just lost profit! What makes trading between players better than using the GE? Well, firstly, not every player uses the Grand Exchange so they might want to trade with someone else instead which can lead to more potential customers for you as well as bigger profit margins compared to those who use only the GE. For example: If I were selling coal on grand exchange I would have made around 60k. But if I were to sell it for around 70-80 coins each, players who are buying coal would be more likely to purchase from me because the price is bigger and they get a better deal.

So what rs money-making methods can you use while trading items between other RS players? There are several ones which will boost your profit margin even higher than before! Cooperative Money Making Methods The first rs money-making method that I’m going to share with you today is probably one of the easiest ways rs gold farming out there but still very effective in terms of rs gold income. This cooperative money-making technique requires that you have at least two accounts so keep this in mind when considering whether or not this rs guide section seems interesting enough for you to read.

What you want to do is have one of your accounts buy an item at a low price and then put it up for sale on the grand exchange while using your other account(s) to purchase that rs gold from said player right away. This way, you will be making tons of rs gold within minutes! The only downside about this rs money-making method is that there are not always people willing to sell their items so make sure you know where else you can find good deals before entering ‘cooperative’ mode. There are far fewer limits when trading between players than with the Grand Exchange therefore getting creative with what items work best in which situations might just lead to more rs gp/h earnings! For example: If I were to sell my rs gold for around 90 coins each I would be making around 45k an hour.

Another rs money-making method that can work very well with this rs guide is the following: If you know where to find cheap resources (which are always good items to have in stock) make sure you buy them up as soon as possible and resell at a higher price! Not only will your profit margins increase but also people who need those resources might start buying from you instead of someone else because they see that there’s less competition which means even more rs gp/h earnings for yourself! For example, if I were selling logs it would be easy to get over 100k hourly, maybe more depending on how much effort I put into finding these deals in the first place.

Join the RS3 Money Making community

If you are looking for a great rs clan to join, be sure to check out our website’s rs forums section where rs players meet up and share their RS stories! There you can talk with other members about everything from quests to training advice so that you never have an excuse not to try something new in RuneScape ever again! Our discussion boards also offer help if your account is hacked – just ask one of our friendly moderators or admins on the site via live chat who will happily assist you as soon as possible. Try it now… You’ll love this game too!!

Thanks for reading, rs gamers! Let us know if you have any questions or comments below. Cheers!


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