Money Makers OSRS – How To Easily Generate Insane Amounts Of Gold

Last Updated on November 2, 2021

Looking for the best and quickest Money Makers OSRS? This game is played by hundreds of thousands of people. With these many people, there is always a high demand for in-game currencies. People constantly strive to have the best character possible on an MMORPG-style game, and OSRS is no different.

Moneymakers OSRS
Moneymakers OSRS

The term “Old School RuneScape” refers to Jagex’s current official name for a previous version of the RuneScape game introduced in the August 2007 Archive of RuneScape, which is a backup of the RuneScape source code as it existed on 10 August 2007. It is also known as OSRS or 2007scape.

Old School Runescape has become more prominent than its up-to-date version achieving 1 million active players during 2018, after which the mobile version was released.

Who doesn’t want to have the shiniest armor paired with the rarest sword or be the wealthiest person in the server? The fact that the game is limited for free-to-play users makes it evident that you need to buy a membership to have access to new areas, powerful gear, and with these, more Moneymakers OSRS. You can buy the membership through the official website or other third-party websites.

Money Makers OSRS are ways to continuously farm money that is not locked behind a time window. Some of them are:

  • Making divine super combat potions is the most profitable option to make money fast within the game. You can have up to 9,738,000 profit, but you need to have 97 skill points on Herblore. (Membership only)
  • Making uncooked meat pies is the best Moneymaker for gamers who only want to access the free-to-play version. It takes 20 cooking skill points, but the profit is low compared to the paid possibilities.
  • Woodcutting through botting is one of the lowest efforts and best Money Makers OSRS where you don’t need to be playing. It is, however, a bannable offense within the game, so it may get your account banned. You can purchase a bot from third-party websites but use it at your own risk! The bot will continually perform cut Yew trees. It only requires that you have 60 skills in Lumberjacking.
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There are also other passive ways to make money in the game, such as the following examples:

  • Herb Runs: Farming Herbs is a great way to make some money every 90 minutes passively. To get the most money out of Herb Farming, you should use Ultra Compost, which you can buy at the Grand Exchange.
  • Cactus Patch: There are two Cactus Patches in Runescape – one in Al Kharid and one in Tier 1 of the Farming Guild, which requires 60% favors from House Hosidus. Regular Cactus Farming needs 55 cultivation skill points, and once the Cacti are fully grown, one can harvest Potato Cacti or Spines. These willfully regrow every 75 minutes. The price of your Cactus plant rewards also varies with your Cultivation level. For Potato Cacti, you can expect ten at a lower level and up to 20 at a higher level, which is a massive profit. To get the most out of Cacti, you should integrate them into your Herb or Tree Runs. This way, you don’t waste too much time on banking.

Ways to make money in OSRS without having to evolve any skills:

  • Fist of Guthix: this one is more complicated. However, it is an excellent way to train your magic skill. Depending on your level of magic, it will be easier. Just play, accumulate many tokens, buy items sold on the spot, unload them with Reggie, and sell them at the Grand Exchange.
  • Grapes: Go to an almost crowded world and head to the Varrock Palace. There you will find thousands of players killing guards without picking up what they drop. Once there, wait patiently for the grapes to appear on the ground. When they do, you pick them up until you fill a backpack. Each grape sells for 1,514 coins at the Grand Exchange, making one backpack 42k coins.
  • Iron Ore: As with the method above, go to a very crowded world and go to the Rimmington mining site and collect the iron ore that players drop on the ground. Remember to wield your clan vexillum or have your explorer three-ring and have an affinity ring wielded. Then you can teleport to Daemonheim, deposit there, and teleport to the clan camp.
  • Filling Jars: Buy jars at the Grand Exchange for two coins each, fill them with water, and sell them for 21 coins; you will earn 19 coins for every jar you fill. You can fill flasks at the fountain in the middle of the Grand Exchange, earning 532 coins per pack.
  • Tanning red dragon skin: this task offers 1,626,000 profit and requires no prior skill. However, this is only an option in the pay-to-play game.
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An essential tip is that during your journey through the world of RuneScape, always pick up any coins you find on the ground. At first, the value may be small, but that small value can grow over time to become millions!

OSRS Daily Money Makers

OSRS Daily Money Makers are ways to get considerable rewards in a short period.

You have to perform small tasks that last a few minutes, so you don’t have to play a whole lot to make a good profit. The daily rewards restart every 24 hours, precisely at – 12:00 am UTC.

Some of those OSRS Daily Money Makers are:

  • Go to your house and look for the next star’s time and location. This task will give you around 90k GP for every 30 minutes you spend mining but requires a telescope.
  • Go to Zaff at Varrock while wearing Varrock armor, talk to him and buy battle staffs to later sell on the Grand exchange for over 80k profit if you buy all the staff.
  • Go to Catherby patch, talk to Arhein and buy 80 seaweed and 40 pineapples. Use pineapples for super compost 18k for seaweed on Grand exchange. That lot doesn’t take long and nets 267k (with Varrock 3 armor) plus 90k for star and a few good charms.
  • The Western Provinces Diary method: after doing the Western Provinces Achievement Diary, Rantz, the Fat Ogre, will give you free Ogre Arrows every day. With Easy mode on, you won’t get much. But for Elite, you get about 30,000 for less than 1 minute of your time. The fastest way to get to Rantz is by using the Fairy Ring Code AKS.
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OSRS Daily Money Makers
OSRS Daily Money Makers

Best Money Makers OSRS

And what are the Best Money Makers OSRS?

Without a doubt, killing Raksha is the best money maker on OSRS. This will give you a 49,774,000 profit, but the recommended skills for this task are very high. You must have 138 fighting skills, a 96 level on summoning skills, 106 herblore, and 95 prayer skills.

But, if you don’t have what it takes, you can start by:

  • Catacombs: Awakening of the Six – this quest, upon completion, will give you 16,062,000 profit and require a high level of skills.
  • Create astral runes: the method that is most accessible to a large number of players is this one, which can give up to 11 100 000 profit. To create astral runes, you will only need 40 runecrafting points (however, mastering 82 points is recommended). You also need 75 magic skill points and 93 summoning skill points.
  • One of the best Money Makers OSRS is to tan cowhides. You can start tanning cowhides after you have at least 7 quest points, have played the game for over a day, and spend some amount of OSRS GP. This requires you to have level 28 and rely on your crafting skills to make good use of them. First, you have to buy a large number of Cowhides from the Grand Exchange, then you tan them, and now you can sell those tanned cowhides for a large margin.

We conclude then that there are several ways to make money in the OSRS, and they can be done daily or even passively and give rewards with very variable profits.

Best Money Makers OSRS

Key Takeaways:

  • There are options to start making money in the game without having any skills.
  • The most profitable way is killing Raksha, but without a doubt, it requires a lot of experience and time invested previously.
  • There are hundreds of players, so making money and standing out at the game by your fortune can become something very challenging to do.
  • There are many OSRS money making options, between killing NPC’s, farming, collecting items, and selling them, so it’s almost impossible to get tired, and you can always do something different.

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