How to Make Money From YouTube Videos by Monetizing Your Content

Last Updated on October 26, 2021

#1 What is Monetization?

YouTube monetization refers to the process of video publishers getting Money From Youtube, allowing advertisers to pay them for helping them promote their products or services by including ads on your videos, which gives them some compensation. Videos that are part of a YouTube partner program can be “monetized.” This means ads may run on the videos and the owner may earn revenue from the ads.

No matter what type of monetization you choose there are some requirements in order for ads to show up on your video:

1) Your channel must be in good standing (no copyright strikes or community guidelines violations).
2) You must belong to the YouTube Partner Program (can’t be monetized until you’re accepted).
3) Your video must not violate any copyright laws.
4) Your video must contain at least 30 seconds of ads (YouTube will use as little as it can get away with, but the minimum is 30 secs).
5) You need to have a good number of views on your channel for your videos to make money. The more popular videos are the ones that make money!

#2 What are the Various Ways to get Money From Youtube?

Many people set out for a journey in the world of video making with a single goal in mind: to make money. YouTube has become an integral platform for generating revenue from monetizing videos. The method of making money on YouTube may differ from one person to another depending upon factors like subscribers, views, or the number of videos uploaded; however, there are various ways through which these YouTubers get paid if their video gets monetized.

1. Adsense

The biggest and most popular source of revenue is Google’s Adsense program through which a user gets paid when the viewers watch video ads on their videos. The earnings from this vary from one channel to another depending upon factors like the number of views, click-through rates, ad formats, etc. To maximize the revenue in AdSense, it is advised that you integrate your YouTube Channel with your Adsense account in order to synchronize your viewing behavior across all devices with a single website or app that you have installed on them.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing basically refers to promoting other companies’ products and services in return for some commission when users buy it via your link/s. In affiliate marketing, if a YouTube content creator (like you) promotes a product or service then, when someone buys that via your referral link or affiliate code, then you get paid.

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3. Sponsored Video

This is probably the easiest way to get Money From Youtube videos YouTube provided your video gets approved by the sponsor. Technically speaking, it is not much different than regular advertising as all you need to do is upload a video with an added intro and/or outro mentioning the name of the company followed by some text links at the end of the video. This entire thing takes about 10-15 minutes to process per video and there are no hidden costs associated which means that what you see is what you get. Here’s where it gets interesting: if people watch your sponsored video and like it, they may proceed to click on one of the links present at the end of your video and buy something from your sponsor. This way you make money every time someone watches your sponsored video and uses a link/s provided in it to visit the sponsor’s website or any affiliated site with an AdSense account.

4. Fan Funding

This can most certainly be called a semi-permanent form of monetization where fans contribute small sums voluntarily via PayPal (or any other available option) to support their favorite content creator with this money going towards improving videos or increasing production value. The perks offered by YouTubers in return for these payments vary from channel to channel so it is advisable that you check out several channels before setting out with this option.

5. YouTube Channel Membership

This is another way of monetizing videos on YouTube through which content creators can get paid by their subscribers in return for exclusive perks like custom emojis on comments or access to exclusive videos posted on Patreon or Vidme (here’s an example ). The payment methods vary from one channel to another so you will need to check out several options before settling on one; however, the concept behind all these channels is similar.

6. Sponsored Videos Network Sites

If your video gets approved by a sponsored video network site then you enter into an agreement with that site where it pays you some fixed amount per view/subscription/sale depending upon the deal between both of you. If your video gets approved on such a site then you will still receive your share of AdSense revenue (usually not 100%) in addition to income from the sponsored video network sites.

7. Sell Products

This is exactly what Google’s affiliate marketing program is about and this can be done through sites like Amazon, eBay, or any other shopping website that has products with good market value and return rates for customers. One thing you need to keep in mind though: regardless of the product that you sell, if it does not have high demand among your target audience then they are most likely to turn to other sources for their purchases which is why the success rate of these ventures is extremely low.

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8. Sell Merchandise

Another way to get Money From Youtube videos on YouTube is by branding those videos with your own sense of creativity and genius; basically, you put your name on various products that you sell via affiliate marketing or simply using the AdSense account. The best example would be Pewdiepie (his videos are worth watching, btw) as his online merchandising empire is truly a sight to behold.

9. Freelancing

This option works if you have some professional skills like HTML coding, video editing, or voice acting among others – for more details on what kind of freelancing gigs exist and how much money can be earned out of them read this article. So it all boils down to this: find a skill that you excel at then research available options where such tasks are required and bid for those gigs.

10. Non-gaming Video Content

This is something that I think will really help content creators who want to turn their passion for video games into a viable source of income because it is the next step in the evolution and growth of YouTube and other such platforms (more here ). According to one survey, 60% of people prefer watching gaming videos over TV or movies which is why we predict that these numbers will only go up further. Currently, this option exists in pre-alpha but we can expect it to be rolled out for the general public in near future.

11. Direct Advertising (Sponsors)

Last but not least, you can make Money From Youtube by selling your own products/services directly via an AdSense account; however, this method requires you to have a sizable audience that will be interested in your products/services so it is better if you approach this option after all other options listed here fail to give good results.

#3 YouTube’s Policies for Monetization

Advertiser-friendly content guidelines

Video content complies with YouTube Partner Program policies. You can monetize videos via the YouTube Partner Program only if they comply with all policies outlined in the Monetization Eligibility section of Terms & Conditions (under sections A and B) and meet the additional requirements listed below.

(This means that you must own 100% of any copyrighted materials or third-party content, or have received permission from the rightful owner to upload it and monetize it).

Video content does not include any of the following:

• Sexually suggestive content, violence, inappropriate language, promotion of drugs and regulated substances, extreme harmful activities.

• Video content that displays graphic images for prolonged periods of time.

• Hateful/discriminatory speech.

• Content intended to shock or disgust viewers.

• Provocative clothing (clothing that is meant to be revealed in an attempt to draw attention) Examples include thong underwear, see-through clothes, costumes exposing excessive amounts of skin, etc. If your video shows someone in minimal clothing or revealing attire, you may only show blurred images or pixelated areas on the video.

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If you include third-party content in your video, the thumbnail and title of the video may not contain misleading thumbnails or inaccurate metadata. You must always provide accurate and complete metadata for any item that you upload to YouTube. If you upload a video that includes third-party copyrighted content without permission from the copyright owner, it will be removed from YouTube and you may be subject to legal action as well as termination from the YouTube Partner Program.

Google AdSense adheres to strict policies against inappropriate content: Google AdSense is sensitive to potentially inflammatory issues such as war, political conflicts, natural disasters, and tragedies. Video content that contains graphic or inappropriate depictions of graphic violence, including the display of serious injuries and events related to violent extremism is not allowed on YouTube, Video content that exploits children in any way is not allowed on YouTube. Content’s intended for mature audiences only: If your video is intended for mature audiences only, you must mark the video as “Mature” or “Explicit” by checking the appropriate option under advanced settings.

#4 How Can You Successfully Make Money From Youtube

To begin, there are a few requirements that must be met before a channel is able to make money from its videos. First of all, your channel needs 10,000 total views – in the lifetime of the channel – before a video qualifies for monetization. Also, the content of each video must comply with copyright law and YouTube’s copyright infringement policy.

YouTube will review your video(s) based on a variety of factors, including the copyright policies. Your videos may not be monetized until you have received further approval.

The YouTube Partner Program allows content creators to get revenue from the advertisements that play before their videos. The amount of money that is made depends on how many people are watching the ads and what type of ad is being shown. Once the total number of views for all of a creator’s videos reaches 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within 12 months then they become eligible for monetization by joining Google Preferred.

Google Preferred includes these 6 categories of videos: Entertainment, Beauty & Fashion, Sports, Toys & Hobbies, Pets & Animals, and How-To ( how to get the best results when flossing).

Now for each view that is counted by YouTube, the creator of the video gets roughly between $0.002-$0.0047 (This can vary depending on ad competition). That means if your channel only has 100 subscribers and your video(s) get 10 views in a month then you will make 2 cents from those views.


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