Forex Factory´s Momentum Indicator | Top 5 Momentum Indicators

Last Updated on January 4, 2022

The Forex Factory Momentum indicator is used by many forex traders today due to its ease of use and calculation complexity.

In this article, we want to explain to you how to use it, its advantages, and disadvantages. We have also included the top 5 forex momentum indicators from Forex Factory.

Momentum indicator from forex factory. Source.

What is Forex Factory and its momentum indicator?

Forex Factory is largely known for its forex trading solutions and has developed an indicator that could give you great insights into your trading: The Forex Factory´s Momentum Indicator.

The momentum indicator from Forex Factory is calculated automatically and displayed on the chart in form of a line.

It tends to rise or fall all by itself, so there is no need for complicated calculations to find your buy and sell signals. This makes it very user-friendly.

The momentum indicator from Forex Factory is part of many forex traders’ arsenals today due to its simplicity in calculations and usage.

What is a momentum indicator?

Momentum indicators are technical analysis indicators that measure the strength or weakness of a stock’s price are known as.

Momentum is defined as the amount by which stock prices have progressed in relation to each other.

Price differentials are tracked on a regular basis to assess market momentum.

To create a ten-day momentum line, subtract the last closing price 10 days ago from the current closing price to get a value of zero. This positive or negative number is then plotted around a zero-line location.

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The closer the value of this indicator gets to zero, the more sideways movement exists.

Momentum indicator from forex factory
Momentum indicator from forex factory

The best Forex momentum indicators from Forex Factory

Here are the best and most popular Forex momentum indicators you can find on Forex Factory:

  1. Best Trading System (Only Momentum).
  2. The new momentum bar trend indicator.
  3. 45 Combo – momentum system.
  4. Trendline on Momentum Indicator.
  5. Stochastic Momentum Indicator- SMI.


As you can see, this indicator is simple in its design and functions.

The best part about using the momentum indicator from Forex Factory is that it does not need any calculations since all information is displayed for your better forex trading decisions by itself.

It displays buy signals as rising momentum bars and sell signals as falling momentum bars on the chart, making its usage very easy.

This leads to quick results once you are used to it!

I hope this short article was able to give you some insights into how useful these forex indicators can be for your future trading success.

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