Managed Crypto Mining

We do the hard work – you get the money. 10% commission on profit only.

Guaranteed returns: Minimum 15% APR is guaranteed.

Note: This is not an investment and we donĀ“t provide any kind of financial services. We will buy crypto mining hardware on your behalf and put it to work efficiently. Crypto will be deposited directly into your own wallet. Our commission is only for hardware management. Electricity fees apply as well.

You can have the mining hardware shipped to you anytime, anywhere in the world. Shipping costs apply.

Practical Example (based on actual real data)

Hardware cost: $600 (RTX 3060 GPU) ETH Mining

Monthly mining income: $100

Electricity cost: $20 ($0,19 per KWh)

Gross Profit: $100-$20 = $80

Our commission: $80*10% = $8

APR = ($1200-$240-$96)/$600 = 144%

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GPU prices vary every day due to demand. Request a quote and lock the price for 24 hours.