Make Money Online with Facebook: How Did I Make $10,000 Per Month

Last Updated on November 2, 2021

Today I will write about how you can easily make money online with Facebook. It worked for me. It certainly can work for you.

make money online with facebook

But first, let me write a little bit about myself and my story. My name is Miguel Casal. As you can probably guess, I’m not English – I was born in Portugal and that’s where I live now. I’m currently 31.

Get A Domain That Includes Related Keywords

Let´s get it all started.

The first step is to create a name for your business and buy a domain name.

The reason why I recommend this step first is because you need to have a website if you want to make money with Facebook. There’s no way around it and having a website will also help your credibility (and competence) when making sales on social media. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re running, getting a domain name that includes related keywords will help your search engine optimization (SEO).

In my case, I was starting a Portuguese online dress store, so the domain was “vestidoslowcost.” In English, it means “lowcostdresses.”

Get a domain name with Godaddy and host it with Hostgator. They have a fantastic control panel and lots of accessible features to manage everything. Once you have your domain and hosting, then you’re ready to start setting up your website.4

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For your website, you have two options:

1 – Using WordPress with a WooCommerce plugin because it will help you make more sales. With the free version of WordPress and WooCommerce, you can create an e-commerce store with all the features that most people need.

2 – Deploying an easy turnkey store on that website. There are many you can use. One of the most straightforward instant stores is Shopify.

Make Money Online with Facebook
Make Money Online with Facebook

Get A Facebook Page For The Store

This is the secret of the business to make money online with Facebook: the Facebook page, 80% of all sales will come from there and only 20% from the website itself.

Create An Aliexpress Account And Start To Import Products

Get an AliExpress account and begin importing the best-selling products in your category. In my case, I was importing all the best sellers from the “dresses” category. I was also asking my sister and cousins about what dresses they would most likely purchase online.

The thing is – customers want things fast if possible next day delivery – and that is what you will be selling – the product + time.

These people probably wouldn’t buy it directly from Aliexpress because:

1- It is associated with Chinese products, so people would think the quality is terrible;

2- It would take more than two business days to arrive.

That’s when you come in, you sell the products as your fashion brand, and you deliver them the next day! They will never guess these came from a Chinese supplier.

Make Money Online with Facebook
Make Money Online with Facebook

So, How Do I Make Sales? How Do I Get The Traffic On My Facebook Page?

This is the second very well-hidden secret. Most people would promote the page for likes or even promote it via Adsense – big mistake! And lots of costs!

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The easiest and most effective way to get sales and make money online with a Facebook page is to promote posts – POSTS! You post your products and a regular Facebook post, with images and a description, and you write: “SPECIAL PROMOTION – All dresses $35 ONLY – FREE SHIPPING “. And that’s it, BUM!

Remember to make these posts with multiple products on the images, with the leading four best sellers being shown in the main idea. That is very important.

Also: Always use cash-on-delivery as a payment method! That will make it much easier for your new page to get instant sales!

I remember I was getting clicks for even less than a cent! And most of these clicks were converting into sales!

Get Reviews And In Every Sell Ask For Likes On The Page

This is also important for growth, trust, and development. For every sale, make an automatic message asking for the buyers to make a review on your Facebook page and put a like.

Use Your Website For Extra Sales

Later on, I forwarded all the customers from the Facebook page to my web store, which was much more accessible and organized!

Also, I could build a mailing list to email them later with other special promotions and bundles and get extra sales on top!

Automate Everything

You don’t want to spend your precious time on the computer answering endless questions and doubts from your customers. That is why I recommend a Facebook auto-reply bot on your page to:

  • Answer all your customer’s central questions;
  • Drive sales.

At the end of the automatic reply message, ask if they want to purchase the item. If positive, send another automatic message with “Kindly reply with the product code, your size, and your address.”

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That’s it! You send the goods the same day, and the next day they will pay upon receiving- fast sale!

Consider Having A Call Center To Manage Complaints

These are inevitable. There will always be some quality issues, and they will complain and ask for a return and refund.

I was using a simple call center in Portugal, that cost me $65 per month and was dealing with all the complaints, with a simple message: “I’m sorry, please return the goods to …. and tell us if you want a refund, a replacement or a different product.”

Profit Margins

These are huge! I was selling these dresses for between $35 and $40 each, and they cost me around $5 each! That’s a 700% profit!

The shipping charges – I always included already in the $35 price, but in the end, it was only around $3/$4, just a tiny fraction.

Leverage With Instagram

Although I never made many sales on Instagram, I made some, and also, it can increase the visibility of your business. I know some friends who had a lot of sales from Instagram, so that it might be worth a try!

Make Money Online with Facebook
Make Money Online with Facebook

Start All Over Again

Now that you are making $10,000 with your new store. Delegate its administration to someone and start a new one! You can expect a new website to develop with this method between 6 and 12 months entirely. You probably will begin to make money in the beginning already, but this method will reach its full potential only after six months! You need to get trust, likes, and reviews to start to get exponential returns!

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