How Youtube Makes Money

Last Updated on October 27, 2021

How does YouTube make money? The most significant source of revenue for YouTube is advertising. Furthermore, It generates revenue through monthly subscription businesses such as YouTube Premium. Youtube has also developed tools to help eligible creators earn money in various other ways, such as Super Chat, channel memberships, and merchandise.

How Youtube Makes Money
How Youtube Makes Money

Youtube makes most of its annual revenue from advertisements. The site sells ads on their home page and within videos and pre-rolls and post-rolls for videos. Sponsored endorsements, either through product placement or paid celebrity endorsements, are also available.

How Youtube Makes Money

How Youtube Makes Money Off Videos

What is the revenue model for YouTube? And, more importantly, how does it make money from your videos? Is there a way to monetize my content without approaching others about collaboration (a.k.a., “pay-to-play”), and if so, what is that process like? The fact that YouTube must pay content producers much greater rewards to attract them, as well as the rising costs of storing all those videos and the fact that YouTube is paid based on how many ad views there are, might lead you to believe that it is having difficulties making a profit.

In October 2016, YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki, said the firm was “Still in investment mode” at a Fortune magazine session, suggesting it is still trying to figure out how to be profitable.

We’ll look at how YouTube revenue is presently being taken and how the ‘Googleverse’ plans to profit in the future in this section.

Nevertheless, please don’t get the wrong idea that it’s in trouble. YouTube is said to have earned over $9 billion in advertising in 2017.

However, because Alphabet (Google and YouTube’s parent firm) no longer separates its sales by year since 2017, it is more difficult to assess the influence of YouTube on income.

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  • YouTube, like other Google properties, makes the majority of its money through advertisements.
  • YouTube can include targeted advertising into videos watched by its users, as well as popular highlight material.
  • Since 2017, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) has not separated revenue by market segments, so it’s impossible to determine how much money YouTube earns.

How Many Views On Youtube Makes Money

How many views do YouTubers need to earn money? To be paid by YouTube, you must accumulate $100 or more in views. If you make $5 for every 1,000 views, you’ll need to get 20,000 views. This will depend on how many ads are shown in your video.

If you average 1,000 views per day, that means that it will take over three months to accumulate enough views to cash out. If this is the case, consider earning more by creating other types of videos for YouTube.

YouTube pays via Google Adsense, which means you have to have a Google ads account set up, and you must link it to your YouTube channel. This is easy enough to do if you already have a Gmail account. You do NOT have to be monetized to earn money.

How To Start A Youtube Channel That Makes Money

Every day, people are creating hundreds of dollars in revenue from their YouTube videos. You’ve arrived at the correct location if you’re wondering how to start a YouTube channel and generate money from it! You may use your YouTube presence to build a career by utilizing an effective technique and sheer effort.

How To Start A Youtube Channel That Makes Money
How To Start A Youtube Channel That Makes Money

Why Choose YouTube?

You already know how important videos are to your company’s success. It’s time you started thinking about where to host those videos now that you’ve realized their importance.

Yes, several websites may help you publish videos online, but the question to ask yourself is, “are they worth it?”

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We all use YouTube as a primary platform for watching videos online, whether cat videos, fashion vlogs, sports clips, cartoons, tech reviews, or cooking tips. Remember that YouTube has been around for years and that improvements are being made regularly to fulfill our demands.

Here are the top reasons why YouTube is the most incredible video-sharing platform:

  • It’s the “Google” of all types of videos: Google is the undisputed king of search engines, and we all know it. And guess what? Google bought YouTube. That explains why you should consider YouTube over any other platform.
  • Millions of viewers: This isn’t a joke! Millions of individuals watch YouTube videos daily. There’s no definitive figure because it varies almost every day. However, if you’re a company, you need all those views, and YouTube is notorious for always being several steps ahead when hosting films.
  • Free marketing: Free marketing is highly appealing to everyone. You’ll discover how simple it is to include links and increase your website’s traffic once you upload films on YouTube. Keep in mind that utilizing a video may assist in driving more visitors to your blog.
  • Advertisements: You may promote your business on YouTube without spending a dime.

All of this seems lovely, but how do you begin a YouTube channel and make money?

To make a YouTube channel, you don’t need to be a computer whiz. Go to and log in to your Google account, and you’re good to go.

What Type of Content Is Popular on YouTube?

YouTube is a popular video-sharing site. You can become famous on YouTube with anything you want, as long as you’re creative and enthusiastic about what you’re doing. Here are some of the most popular categories on YouTube:

Are you a vocalist? Don’t put off starting your YouTube career any longer by being a vocalist.

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People enjoy listening to excellent music and are always on the lookout for new voices that may move them somehow. Many YouTube channels are dedicated to individuals who create their songs or perform covers of other people’s material. Yes, they’re all making money as a result.

  1. Teaching

Today, when we’re in doubt, we Google it. If you’re good at a topic like Math, English, Science, or anything else and want to start uploading videos about it on YouTube, go right ahead. People will be grateful for your assistance.

  1. Tutorials

If you’re good at producing or creating something intriguing, consider making instructional films on it. On YouTube, the “how-to” videos are viral.

  1. Fashion Advice

If you have a good sense of style and want to share your knowledge with the rest of the world, this is an excellent topic for you. Remember that not everyone has a great sense of style, and those who don’t will appreciate your work. You may assist your followers in looking beautiful, and they’ll be grateful to you for it.

  1. Make-Up Tutorials

There are a lot of make-up gurus on YouTube. James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Manny MUA, Jaclyn Hill, and other prominent make-up experts provide exciting and helpful make-up tutorials that people enjoy watching. They all generate a significant amount of money through YouTube.

  1. Cooking Videos

“Can I make money on YouTube by filming cooking tutorials?” Of course, you can! On YouTube, cooking videos have a large number of viewers. Everyone likes delicious food and appreciates seeing the top culinary ideas online.

  1. Pet Videos

Suppose you have a dog or cat and enjoy watching their entertaining little activities. In that case, you may share those videos and amuse your audience. You can also post material on how to care for animals.

  1. Comedy Videos

You may quickly attract many followers to your channel if you enjoy mimicry or making jokes.


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