How To Start A Eyelash Business | Things To Know | 10 Important Tips

Last Updated on November 15, 2021

So, are you interested in how to start a eyelash business? There are several stages to launching an effective eyelash extension business. You must factor in such things as startup fees, licensing, and more.

How To Start A Eyelash Business
How To Start A Eyelash Business


So, are you interested in how to start a eyelash business? An eyelash extension business is one of the most lucrative ways to work for yourself while also using your creative skills.

Here are some essential things for getting up and running with a new eyelash business.

10 Important Tips On How To Start A Eyelash Business


The area in which you set up your business can make or break it. You must consider the market in which you are based, how busy it is, and if there are already existing lash businesses nearby. Choose a location with plenty of foot traffic so clients will not have to travel far to get to you. If there are other lash companies around, think about what will set your business apart from theirs. Think about creating an online presence for your business or offering some new services that others do not have available. Whatever you choose, be sure that it works with the market conditions before committing to a space.


Before you learn how to start a eyelash business you will need proper licensing before beginning work on clients. This requirement varies depending on the state that you will operate. Still, you can contact your local Cosmetology Board for information on how to go about getting the necessary license(s). Your lash business will not operate without this crucial aspect in place, so plan and follow all required steps.


Lashing is a relatively new business. Therefore various jurisdictions have varying standards.

Some jurisdictions demand that you have a cosmetology or esthetician license. Some don’t. According to the number of years you’ve been practicing, some will automatically provide you with a permit. There is no set rule: everything varies on the state where you reside.

To learn more about your state’s licensing standards, contact your state board or go to their website. This is a step you can’t afford to overlook! If you’re still uncertain, consider asking for clarification.

Starting My Own Eyelash Extension Business
Starting My Own Eyelash Extension Business

When choosing a name for your eyelash extension business, you should come up with something memorable yet stated. However, it is essential to know that names that are too generic may cause legal issues down the line. Instead of “Luxury Lashes,” choose something unique like “Bliss Brow Bar.” When it comes to branding your business image, remember that less is more for effects. You do not want a too detailed logo, as this can clutter up your website and social media platforms.


One of the main draws clients has to lash businesses are those that go beyond simple lashes. As mentioned before, some spots offer brow services and other beauty treatments, so be sure to take advantage of this fact. If you find no other places nearby that offer such services, you will need to branch out online through various social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Use a compelling call-to-action in all posts (like “Book Now”) and include plenty of images with the lashes themselves highlighted or make videos that describe how it all works step by step.

Starting A Eyelash Business
Starting A Eyelash Business


Choose a launch date for your business and market it heavily. You want customers to hear about your services before they are even open, so you will need to advertise on the various social media sites and have a landing page on your website. Try to avoid paying for advertisements until you have had some time to establish a customer base, so you do not spend too much money first.


You will find that many people interested in lash businesses look online rather than going through traditional means of advertising such as newspapers or flyers. This means that the website is an essential aspect of any new business venture, and yours should be very attractive and easy to use. Flesh out your website with plenty of information about who you are, what services you offer, and how much the various lash options cost to help customers. To complete this look, have plenty of images available and links to social media channels where clients can follow for updates.


It is best practice to have a professionally designed phone system set up to handle incoming calls from potential or existing customers, so there are no misunderstandings concerning appointments or other aspects essential to smooth operations. Using an automated menu will allow callers to choose their desired option quickly, so they do not have to wait on hold too long before speaking with someone if need be. Several online sites offer such services, and prices vary according to what is needed.

How To Start An Eyelash Business


When it comes to training, seek out an expert who can teach you the ropes of eyelash extensions and keep clients happy and come back for more. No matter how attractive your marketing strategies and services may be on paper, you will not garner a following if you constantly make mistakes or do not meet customer standards on some level. If you cannot afford such services, then seek out another individual in your area who offers such training, which is also very important when beginning any new business venture.


Now it’s time to build your lashing skills.

You should sign up for a reputable course. Your lashing career will be influenced by the path you choose. Do your homework to find the appropriate instructor. Many artists enroll in a class before finding out it isn’t up to snuff, wasting thousands of dollars on an ability they can’t utilize!

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for training programs:

  • Each eyelash extensionist has their technique. A few use straight-line sets, and others specialize in huge volumes. Learn from someone whose work you respect and try to mimic it.
  • The structure of each eyelash extension course is unique. Some artists, for example, may continue to provide coaching after your course is finished. Others undertake a two-day crash course. Others take weeks to months to learn a new skill. Each teaching method has advantages and disadvantages. The essential thing is to select a class and a trainer.
  • Look for a lash expert that you connect with. You want to learn from someone enthusiastic and genuinely committed to assisting you.


One of the most significant aspects of being an eyelash extensionist is that it provides limitless possibilities. There are always new methods to advance as a creative and company owner.

Make time for further learning and development once your company is up and running. You’ll be able to stay sharp and on top of trends that way. There are many helpful lash resources available online to complement your lash training.


Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to offer only lash services for a beauty business. If your specialty is eyelash extensions, but there are no other nearby locations that provide such a service, then consider branching out into hairstyling or makeup artistry as well. At the very least, if you do not have time for this addition due to packed schedules, hire someone else who can help with these aspects, so clients have more options when they visit.

How To Start Eyelashes Business
How To Start Eyelashes Business


As mentioned before, plenty of beauty salons charge exorbitant amounts for lashes, which drive clientele away or force them to go elsewhere if they cannot afford such rates. It is best to provide clients with a good range of price options for lash businesses so they can afford the services without spending too much money. Have packages for your typical complete set and fill-ins along with various limited-time special offers so you can attract plenty of new faces all the time while increasing exposure through multiple platforms at the same time. By following these steps, you should be able to get your business off on the right foot so it will become a success and establish a customer base and some good reviews.


It’s an exciting moment to start a lash extension business. The possibilities are truly infinite. But, you don’t want to make this decision hastily.

It’s critical to consider all of the points raised in this article before starting your own eyelash extension business!

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