How To Make Money With Fletching OSRS | The Ultimate Fletching Guide

Last Updated on November 28, 2021

How To Make Money With Fletching OSRS? Some of the most potent ammunition in RuneScape is made from Ruby bolts.

It is possible to fletch ruby bolts with ruby bolt tips and adamant bolts, which might be profitable.

However, there may be a relatively tight profit margin, and the items’ prices may vary.

How To Make Money With Fletching OSRS
How To Make Money With Fletching OSRS

Introduction | How To Make Money With Fletching OSRS

How To Make Money With Fletching OSRS? After you’ve gathered your materials, insert the bolt tips on the bolts.

To create ruby bolts, click on them; it will take 10 seconds. Each set of ten bolts takes 1.2 seconds to make, so 100 bolts together take 12 seconds.

After every set of 100, use the bolt tips again and repeat.

With this method, you can produce up to 27,000 bolts an hour while gaining many Fletching experiences.

After that, sell all of your bolts on the Grand Exchange. Buy one ruby bolt and wait for a while to sell yours at that price.

For an hour’s effort, you may profit $194K on the Grand Exchange. Players can also elect to high-alch them afterward.

With this, every hour, the game awards your account an extra 80,000 Magic experience.

The alching price for magic longbows fluctuates, but it is generally a few coins profit or a few coins loss. For the additional magic experience, it’s well worth it.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to begin fletching training.

This is why it’s so important to understand the ins and outs of fletching, since understanding how to properly do this crucial skill will set you apart from your competition.

Fletching is a highly efficient and lucrative craft that should be learned by everyone.

Note that because this procedure only utilizes three inventory spaces, you may use it in conjunction with other money-making methods that don’t require much inventory, such as completing tasks.

You may use this technique with either cutting ruby bolt tips or enchanting ruby bolts.

RequirementsHow To Make Money With Fletching OSRS
5,000,000+ recommended
Ruby bolt tips
Adamant bolts
ProfitExperience gained
27,000 170,100
Inputs (6,129,000)Outputs (6,156,000)
27,000 ×  Adamant bolts (3,429,000)27,000 ×  Ruby bolt tips (2,700,000)27,000 ×  Ruby bolts (6,156,000)

How To Sell All Your Bolts On The Grand Exchange

How To Make Money With Fletching OSRS? There are two methods for selling bolt tips or any other item on RuneScape.

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The usual approach is to sell your items on the Grand Exchange for a specified amount, but there is also a unique yet more lucrative trading technique with another player.

When Fletching, you will need to take your logs and rubies/adamant bars to a suitable location, the closest being in the Varrock Castle courtyard.

You can purchase additional materials at most general stores or deposit any unwanted ones within the bank located on the third floor of the Grand Exchange.

For the ideal experience, you can make your bolts in a populated area such as World 3.

In crowded world markets, you will be able to sell them to other players for a higher price.

If no one is selling bolt tips that you could afford, then there’s nothing to worry about!

You can buy them from other players or find a less populated world and try again.

After finishing Fletching the bolts, use a tool with a high value at the bank deposit box nearest the Castle courtyard entrance for maximum profit.

If not using this method, it is advised to go into 1 or 2 worlds to avoid losing too much exp from being attacked by aggressive low levels.

The bolt tips should be worth around 567,000gp, and the mithril bolts should be worth around 2.7 million GP.

Add that to your money before you go into the Grand Exchange and then buy whatever bolt tips you need (create them).

Then sell the ruby bolts for about 6.5-7 million GP each.

This is quite a simple way to make money, but, whether this method works or not, it’s up to you!

How To Make Money With Fletching OSRS
How To Make Money With Fletching OSRS

When Does Fletching Become Profitable?

Fletching does not become profitable until level 55. You will lose a little money before then. If you utilize our fletching guide’s cutting unstrung bow approach, you’ll lose around 30K.

Getting to 55 fletching using any of the slowest, most inexpensive methods might take as little as 2.5 hours.

Stringing bows is the most efficient way to earn money while still getting a decent experience rate, even higher than chopping unstrung bows. Stringing, on the other hand, is considerably quicker and since you must supply both bowstring and unstrung bows, you can only make 14 bows at once.

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Stringing bows is not able to be done while you are away, but cutting unstrung bows can be. So it is up to you which way you want to go when making bows. But if you want to make money and level up, stringing bows will allow for this much faster than cutting unstrung ones.

What Is OSRS Fletching

How To Make Money With Fletching OSRS? The Fletching skill is used to make ranged weapons and ammo.

When it comes to earning Fletching experience, there are over ten sorts of items you can make: bows, crossbows, blowpipes, ballistae, grapples, shields, arrows, darts, javelins, and bolts.

You may also create ranged shields, blowpipes, and battlestaves using Fletching nowadays.

Fletching is a highly adaptable skill, and there are several methods to level 99.

In this article, you’ll discover how to train your Fletching ability in the most efficient manner possible so that you may gain the most significant amount of experience per hour or even profit from training it.

The Fletching skill is the quickest to level 99 if you have enough OSRS gold; nonetheless, there have been players who reached level 99 in less than four hours of training.

You may buy all of your Fletching materials on the Grand Exchange, and as an ironman, you must gather them yourself.

When training your skill to 99, it’s vital to understand the “GP per experience,” which indicates how expensive or profitable a technique will be when training your skill.

Unfortunately, prices in RuneScape are constantly changing. Therefore we can’t give you exact figures. You may discover calculators for this online.

Several factors determine the price of the items. These are their cost, which uses product supply and demand, and the players’ perception of value or worth of money-making in RuneScape.

As soon as you begin training Fletching, you’ll see that certain products are worth less than others because they’re in lower demand.

It will take some time before you understand how Fletching works, so try different methods until you can experiment with your own style.

Fletching XP Quests

We recommend that you at least complete Animal Magnetism of the fletching tasks that award experience.

If you want to use the ranged skill, you should do this regardless. It’s better if you skip the early levels and do the quest, since it requires The Restless Ghost, Ernest the Chicken, and Priest in Peril.

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Many players also undertake The Fremennik Trials to accomplish the Helm of Neitiznot in the Fremennik Isles, but it is not necessary when beginning fletching.

How To Make Money With Fletching OSRS
How To Make Money With Fletching OSRS

The Basics of Fletching Training

To begin training your Fletching skill, go to a suitable location and look for some logs.

Look around on World 3’s house portal or Varrock town square for regular trees that have a circular outline surrounding them.

Right-click on the log and choose “cut” once you’re ready.

If you wish to continue cutting other logs without returning to a bank, place another one in your inventory using either the “cut” or “gather” command.

Once the log has been exhausted, you will receive some Fletching experience.

It is possible to cut logs at locations near a deposit box to save time on banking trips, although this isn’t critical.

The least expensive way of training Fletching is by cutting Achey trees and Oak trees south of Lumbridge Castle, but it’s best not to use these logs until your Woodcutting level reaches 15.

Thus, the most effective way for new fletchers to reach level 15 would be by training with regular iron or standard logs from either Varrock or Lumbridge.

This method requires you to have an axe and a reasonable amount of money to purchase logs off the Grand Exchange.

Two Valuable Tips Before You Start To Train Your Fletching

1 – On January 10th, OSRS introduced 2019 dragonfruit pies in Old School RuneScape.

Eating a slice of the dragonfruit pie will increase your Fletching level by 4 for a brief period.

You may use this to improve your Fletching level and create objects that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to make.

You can take advantage of this to train your Fletching more quickly.

2 – The second suggestion is to practice your Fletching while doing quests or on the road.

This only takes up three inventory slots and allows you to train your Fletching while also undertaking other tasks.

You may produce bolts between obstacles, for example, when training Agility, which will provide you with a considerable amount of experience that you would otherwise miss out on.

Levels 1-5: Carve Arrow Shafts

OSRS Use Knife on Logs
OSRS Carve Arrow Shafts Menu

If you didn’t complete any of the fletching quests except perhaps Big Chompy Bird Hunting, you’ll have to carve arrow shafts until level 5. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. If you begin at zero experience, you’ll need to chop 78 wood logs.

Cost: 9,672 coins (78 logs)

Income: 1,170 coins (1170 arrow shafts)

Profit: -8,502 coins

Levels 5-10: Carve Shortbows

OSRS Use Knife on Logs
OSRS Carve Shortbow Menu

Carve your first Shortbows at level 5.

153 Shortbows will be required for levels 5-10.

This method grants about 8,500 experience per hour.

Cost: 16,983 coins (153 logs)

Income: 1,224 coins (153 shortbows)

Profit: -15,759 coins


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