How to Make Money from Youtube: Strategies

Last Updated on October 26, 2021

How much money can you actually make?

How to Make Money from Youtube? This question is very hard because everyone has a different way of thinking about this topic. If someone views your videos on youtube then they will be able to see advertisements along with that video or even on the sidebar while watching other videos on youtube. If a person has a youtube channel and you have liked, shared, or subscribed to their channel then they will be able to share a small percentage of what they made from the advertisement with you.

People are still making a lot of cash from making Youtube videos! It’s best to start off with just your mobile device and record some short clips in order for you to get used to using it and editing your video together. After you have mastered that then you can upgrade to better quality equipment if needed.

What equipment must you have to record videos?

You don’t need the most expensive equipment in order for you to start recording your own videos. All you really need is a camera and an internet connection so that way your Youtube channel can be linked with your social media accounts which should be linked up as well since this will allow people who like what you do on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media linked with each other! If someone likes your YouTube channel then they might end up liking all of them! Why not make it easier for them to find out about everything else that’s happening by linking these accounts together?

Monetization Strategies

How to Make Money from Youtube? Monetizing your channel is basically the most important part in order for you to be able to gain subscribers fast so that way they can see all of your videos instead of just one or two. If there are no views on these videos then it makes no sense to have them up since nobody will be able to watch them!

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AdSense Advertisements

So, How to Make Money from Youtube? The best way that really anyone can start monetizing their channel is with AdSense. You can sign up with them by either linking your existing Google account or when creating it telling them which email you want this specific AdSense account linked to. There are options for people that only upload videos and don’t have a website, just uploading onto youtube and nothing else, or someone that has a blog and uploads onto their blog as well.

You’re going to want to run ads on your videos so that way you can start making money from them without having to charge anyone in order to watch them! This is another way of gaining subscribers since they will see the advertisement before your video starts playing since this is how every single other person makes money from their videos.

Sponsorship Deals

There are still more ways on How to Make Money from Youtube that you can make revenue off of your videos once you’ve reached a certain amount of views and subscribers.

The next way you can make money from your YouTube videos would be through sponsorship deals. There are a lot of companies that will contact you if they think that your audience might be the right fit for them so this is another great way to gain more views and subscribers! This doesn’t mean just throwing a link or a mention to it but you have to actually be using the product within your videos.

If someone is able to see that everyone else is using a GoPro camera in order to record their outdoor adventures then they might want to take a look into buying one as well since it’s obviously working out for them! This would directly correlate with how many views and subscribers you have because if people trust that what you’re doing is what they should do as well then chances are that those viewers will purchase whatever it is, making it beneficial for everyone involved!

In conclusion, there are 2 main different ways on How to Make Money from Youtube of generating revenue from your channel as long as you put some work behind it, which shouldn’t be too difficult if done correctly. Don’t just post some random garbage that doesn’t make any sense and be prepared to work for what you want, especially if it’s your very own YouTube channel!

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How to Get More Views on Youtube: 10 Important Tips

1 – Creating a Video for Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is about uploading videos, not just text articles. While it doesn’t require much time at all to create quality content (and even less if you’re editing several videos into one), coming up with the idea is the most challenging part for many YouTubers. Research other successful YouTuber channels in your niche before opting to avoid making the same mistakes (or copying other successful YouTube strategies).

2 – Create Videos Regularly

The best way to get views on YouTube (besides uploading a great video) is to upload a new video regularly. How often you should upload videos depends on your niche, but once a week at minimum is recommended. Consistently uploading content will help grow your subscribers and views exponentially over time.

3 – Promote Videos Regularly

YouTube only shows the videos you upload to a small percentage of your subscriber base (and those viewers’ contacts). In order for people outside this network to see your newest videos, they must be promoted. This promotion should be done before the video’s release date, so all online social media sites should be alerted as soon as possible. Make sure this information is readily available in the channel/video description!

4 – Use YouTube Play: Add New Videos As You Go

YouTube Play is a YouTube app that allows users to add new videos as they upload them. This makes the uploading process much simpler and only requires one YouTube account, rather than having to log in and out of several. If your phone doesn’t automatically update the time and date, you can also choose when in the day and at what time each video was added.

5 – Use Annotations

Annotations allow you to add links within your videos to direct viewers elsewhere on YouTube or even off-site. Prioritize links that will bring viewers back behind the scenes content (bonus videos) before directing them to subscribe, like, comment, or share posts on other social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter where they follow you outside of YouTube.

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6 – Link Channels

Link your company website to the channel in the about section. Surprisingly, this does not force direct viewers to click on it when they start watching a video, but it will make the link available should they choose to visit it. Be sure to fill in your contact information in your profile description in order to receive any emails or business opportunities that may arise from successful videos.

7 – Upload Your Own Thumbnails

Thumbnails are key for success on YouTube. They are what viewers see first when searching through new videos and which they are most likely to click on. Make sure you upload custom thumbnails for all of your videos (or at least ones that do not have them)! These can be made easier with an online graphic design tool such as Canva.

8 – Master SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

YouTube actually has an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) section that allows you to submit and edit the meta description and title of your video, which will help it rank in search engines like Google. The more views your videos receive, the higher you will appear on these searches, and therefore the more people who will see your video!

9 – Link with Other Popular Platforms

In order for a video to be successful on YouTube, it must have an off-site audience. While this is not easy at first since these audiences are loyal to their own social media sites, there are many ways to link between channels where possible. If you have a blog, include videos from other popular sites such as Vimeo or Dailymotion in posts so users can simply click play if they don’t want to watch the entire video on YouTube.

10 – Use Tags

Tags are used in the title of a YouTube video to help categorize it within search results. A maximum of seven tags can be entered per video, but make sure they are relevant to your content and that you only use very specific ones (unless you plan on creating multiple videos). More tags mean more views!


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