How To Make Money From The Next Pandemic | 3 Amazing Ways And Case Study

Last Updated on December 15, 2021

How to make money from the next pandemic?

In recent news, it’s been reported that a new and potentially deadly coronavirus has broken out in China.

This has caused concern for people all over the world, as another pandemic could potentially cause a large-scale health crisis.

So, what can you do to protect yourself from such a scenario? And more importantly, what can you do to make money in the event of a pandemic?

The question is, how can an average person make money from the next pandemic?

How To Make Money From The Next Pandemic
How To Make Money From The Next Pandemic

Introduction | How To Make Money From The Next Pandemic

Making money from a pandemic is not a new scheme, it was first done in 1720 when shares in the South Sea Company increased rapidly in value.

The company had nothing to do with South America or the Pacific Ocean, but its name was used to give it an air of respectability.

The same thing happened with the Dutch East India Company, which didn’t have anything to do with India or the East Indies. So how can you make money from the next pandemic?

Read to find out. Here are three steps that you can take to make money from the next pandemic.

How To Make Money From The Next Pandemic
How To Make Money From The Next Pandemic

Invest In Stocks Related To Health Care And Pharmaceuticals | The 3 Ways

This is just one example of the many potential pandemics that could occur in the future.

If you’re looking to make some money from the next pandemic, here are three steps that you can take:

  1. Invest In Pharmaceutical Companies.
  2. Invest In Biotech Companies.
  3. Invest In Hospitals And Healthcare Providers.
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Let’s take a closer look at each of these investment opportunities.

Pharmaceutical Companies

When a new pandemic breaks out, there is usually an increased demand for pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical companies stand to make a lot of money during this time period. So, if you want to make money from the next pandemic, you should invest in pharmaceutical companies.

Biotech Companies

Biotech companies are also likely to do well during a pandemic. Biotech companies are working on new and innovative ways to treat diseases, including pandemics. So, if you want to make money from the next pandemic, you should invest in biotech companies.

Hospitals And Healthcare Providers

Lastly, hospitals and healthcare providers are likely to see an increase in business during a pandemic. People will need medical care and treatment during a pandemic, and hospitals and healthcare providers will be there to provide it. So, if you want to make money from the next pandemic, you should invest in hospitals and healthcare providers.

Case Study | The Zika Example

The Zika virus was first identified during an outbreak in 1947 and has been slowly spreading across the world ever since then.

There have been clusters of microcephaly cases throughout Brazil that were linked to Zika infections during pregnancy.

The shares of Geovax Labs Inc (GOVX) increased by 514% on Tuesday, 2nd of February after the company announced that it was working on a Zika vaccine.

The company is still in the early stages of development and has not released any data yet but this didn’t stop investors from bidding up the stock price.

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Another company that has seen its stock price increase is Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (INO) which saw its stock price increase by 9.5%.

These are just two examples and there are bound to be other companies that will benefit from the Zika outbreak.

A large disease outbreak was declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday, 1st of February 2016.

So how can you make money from the next pandemic? All you need to do is buy shares of a company that has the potential to profit from it and wait for the outbreak to begin.

The goal here is not only to make money from the pandemic itself but also from people’s reaction to them, i.e., panic buying or selling.

This means you make money whether or not they have a cure for the disease, as long as you sell before the pandemic ends.

Selling your shares at inflated prices after the pandemic begins will make you money, whether or not it ends anytime soon.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, however. You may need to wait for months or even years depending on how long the pandemic lasts.

Here are the common steps:

Step 1: Buy shares from a company that cures Zika, a disease that people will have a hard time getting tested or treated for.

Step 2: Sell shares in your new Zika Company as the outbreak begins to explode making each share worth much more than what you paid for it.

Step 3: Make sure before the pandemic ends, you sell all your shares at inflated prices. This way you make money from panic rather than having an actual cure become available and then it becoming over-curentialized like the common cold.

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Great business right? Before I tell you how to do this type of scheme yourself, I’ll give you some advice. Keep your transactions legal, or don’t be surprised when they come looking for you.

How Can Investors Benefit From This?

The first step is identifying companies that stand to gain profits from the next pandemic and buying their shares before the outbreak begins.

After that, just sit back, relax and let time do its job until panic buying starts to surge through the market.

Then exit by selling all your shares at inflated prices which you bought them for in advance – rinse and repeat…with other diseases if needed!

How To Make Money From The Next Pandemic
How To Make Money From The Next Pandemic


Keep in mind that pandemics can’t be foreseen and will happen in the blink of an eye.

However, there are some warning signs to look out for: a sudden outbreak in a third world country, unusual strains of viruses or bacteria and when outbreaks occur in several countries simultaneously.

Keep in mind that these events could also mean something entirely different such as Ebola vaccine trials.

If you follow these steps, then you will be able to make money from the next pandemic.

Author’s note: This article was written based on the author’s opinion and does not constitute financial advice.

The author has invested in GOVX, INO and other pharmaceutical companies that will gain from the Zika outbreak so there is a vested interest here.

However, shorting or selling futures contracts are also viable options to make money from pandemics if you think this outbreak will soon be over – especially if you get tipped off by whistleblowers who work for WHO!

Please only invest what you can afford to lose.

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