How To Make Infinite Money | 5 Steps

Last Updated on December 30, 2021

Do you want to learn how to make infinite money?

The purpose of this article is to explain how I make money online every day with these simple 5 steps. I’m not writing an e-book about it, instead simply giving you the steps on what I do because I believe everyone should be financially free.

What if you could get rich without starting your own company or even quitting your job? What if there was another way to employ yourself just as successful but with less effort? The answer is trading time for money by freelancing.

How to make infinte money
How to make infinite money


You’ve probably heard that “you can’t get rich working for someone else.”

Even if you disagree with that statement, you must admit that it’s much easier to become wealthy when you control your time and money rather than having your time controlled by your money (i.e., having a job).

This is one reason why so many people started their businesses—they want to control their lives.

Of course, starting one’s own business isn’t easy; most fail within five years, and only a few make it to ten years.

This is why I took a different approach: working for myself by creating an internet-based business that requires the least amount of work possible while still producing real income.

The 5 steps for infinite money

These are simple, but you have to work hard for four months before your business starts making money.

Step 1: Develop A System

Developing a system is the key to having an online business that requires little work while still profitable.

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What I mean by “developing a system” is creating a process whereby other people do most work.

For example, my step-by-step guide to writing college papers makes it possible for students to write their essays without spending hours researching and writing them themselves.

I should know—I used this system myself when I was in college!

Step 2: Create Your Product Or Service Based On The System You Developed In 1

Now that you have created a system, you need to make the product or service that goes along with it.

For example, my step-by-step guide to writing college papers is like any other paper—it has an introduction with several body paragraphs and ends with a conclusion.

Step 3: Put Your Product Or Service Up For Sale On The Internet

Now that you’ve created your product or service put it up for sale on the internet (eBay, Amazon Marketplace, etc.) by following their rules and regulations.

If you don’t know how to do this yourself, hire someone else to help out.

It’s worth spending money getting professional help to save time later on.

Step 4: Give Away All The Work

Your product or service should sell itself with little effort.

The best way to do this is by giving away all the work that doesn’t bring you any revenue (e.g., marketing your product, shipping your items, etc.).

To make it easy for people to buy your item, offer free shipping—recipients only pay for what they choose to keep.

This also speeds up the delivery process so people won’t hesitate to order again in the future.

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Step 5: Repeat Step 4 Over And Over Again To Make Infinite Money

After selling one of your products/services on eBay, go back and create another product/service using the same system you used earlier.  

Continue doing this until it’s no longer profitable—when that happens, it’s time to move on and start a new business.


By following these 5 steps for infinite money, you no longer have to work for somebody else to earn a living.

Even better, the skills and knowledge you gain from this type of business will increase your income when you go back to freelancing full-time.

But don’t think you’re done making money.  

Just because you’re not making infinite money right now doesn’t mean you won’t get it in the future.  

Don’t stop creating new products/services with your system; someday, one will be profitable again!

Also, it’s straightforward to become wealthy by starting an online business that requires little effort while still producing real income.  

As long as you’re willing and able to follow the steps outlined in this list, there is no reason why anyone can’t eventually be financially free!

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