How To Get Rich In BitLife – The Complete Guide

Last Updated on November 10, 2021

How To Get Rich In BitLife? Like in real life, with BitLife, you face a society based on the economy. Therefore you need to have wealth to live a good life, and that is not that easy. Getting rich requires persistence, hard work, and a thriving connection with your peers and surroundings.

How To Get Rich In Bitlife
How To Get Rich In Bitlife

For those who never heard of this, Bitlife is a real-life simulator available for your smartphone, Android and iOS, that has captivated every technology passionate’s attention, created by Candywriter, LLC studios.

The concept hangs around the idea of living, from birth to death, and controlling this virtual human being, taking chances and making decisions.

You even have a job and a family there! You will get the results by clicking and choosing what you think is best for this virtual being at your disposal.

This reality look-a-like videogame has been prospered with more than ten million downloads on Play Store, and these numbers are growing each day, with lots of public to entertain since 2018.

If you enjoy and get the handle of the game that won’t last that long, you have the opportunity to live a total living experience, from child to death, in just a few hours or less.

The less fortunate your choices are, the lower are the chances of lasting in this game, along with the unfortunate events that take place in life that are above our wills, sometimes, such as in our breathing, in flesh reality.

Please stick with us. You will be able to play this game like a pro!

BitLife Economy

Like in real life, with BitLife, you face a society based on the economy. Therefore you need to have wealth to live a good life, and that is not that easy. Getting rich requires persistence, hard work, and a thriving connection with your peers and surroundings.

In this game are some qualities you should invest in. You will get rich with more ease, put your status up there, and that will give you the liberty to choose more comprehensive options. In your Bitlife App, you will have your bank balance info in the top right corner of the screen, which will keep you updated with your financial situation. If you want to be informed with more detail, click your Assets icon and find the Finances tab to check. Alongside that, you have the Social Media icon that will lead you to make money. As long as you keep your followers entertained with lots of content and increase your popularity, you will be able to monetize your activity as a virtual human being.

After a lifetime, you get a Ribbon in your grave, based on your living as a Bitlife inhabitant, showing your stats and describing your passage in a few words. There are forty different ribbons, but at first, there were only 11: Academic, Hero, Scandalous, Lazy, Loaded, Fertile, Lustful, Mediocre, Unlucky, and Rich.

To get the Rich Ribbon to reach a net worth of at least 2.5 million, but less than 20 million. Instead, you will get the Mediocre ribbon if you die in a boat accident or are attacked by any weapon.

How To Get Rich In Bitlife
How To Get Rich In Bitlife

How To Get Rich In Bitlife? 3 Easy Ways

Your chosen character will start growing, and you will face experiences involving earning or spending money. Start making some nickles! If you click on the Activities icon, you’ll find some profitable ways of spending your clicks.

There are 3 ways of getting rich in BitLife:

  1. Getting a job;
  2. Making quick money through errandsvisit the casino, play the lottery, place bets on horse races, you can even rob a bank or commit other types of crime;
  3. Earning heritage money when the time comes.

How To Get Rich In Bitlife with Jobs

Take the opportunity to have a job and step up in your career with time. You will unlock jobs in the menu. As soon as you get to a certain level of your career, you will open the Fame percentage bar that joins the HappinessHealthSmarts, and Looks bars in your characteristics graphic, only if you choose to be a singer and actor, a journalist or a model.

Some types of jobs are more appropriate for a demanding person regarding money:

As soon as you get through High School, it would be best to start looking for a job. You can be almost anything you want. For some professions, you need to get a college degree, such as in real life.

In your BitLife, you can try out for a sport’s team. Being an Athlete is a well-paid profession when you’re on the top of your league.

If you get to be the Mayor or the Governor of your town, you will be well rewarded. This usually yields when you accept bribes, millions sometimes. Get to be the president, and you’ll see the money come.

If you get along well in school, you can sign for Medical School, and if you succeed after some long years, you get to be a Doctor and, later in your career, a Brain Surgeon. This one, as in our real lives, is a well-waged profession.

How To Get Rich In Bitlife? The Way To Fame And Stardom

Being a Singer or a Lead Actor is where you’ll get the best treatment. Once you graduate High School, to be a singer, you need to choose Background Vocalist and follow the way until you get to be a Lead Singer. To be an actor, you start as a Voiceover Actor, which leads to Lead Actor. These professions unlock the Fame bar, a feature that will make you a lot of money.

Once you’re a celebrity, you can earn lots of cash by writing a book, promoting products through social media, or appearing in commercials.

To keep your fame and status bar up, sometimes you’ve got to post on your social media.

Posting on Youtube and Instagram will get you seriously rich once you’re famous. When you hit around 20,000,000 followers on YouTube or Instagram, you can start to promote some products that will give you good money,

You better watch out for your Fame and Looks.

Keep your Looks high, and for that, you will have to perform activities to keep in shape, such as going on walks, practicing sports, like martial arts, or hitting the gym and using the Saloon & Spa. Once available, you will find them when you click Body & Mind in the activities list. You can even go to the Plastic Surgeon to apply Botox or get a Spray Tan, which will help you rejoice. To keep your looks bar up, you must perform these activities at least once a year, you must check your health and visit the doctor as soon as the problems arrive, do not get too tired from work.

Seems strange? I guarantee that your health affects your wealth because you need to keep your Looks in shape to earn more.

Earning Money By Interest

If you aim to be a wealthy fellow in your world, you can make your character born and live in Monaco, Bahamas, or Sweden because you will pay no taxes, that way, you keep all the money for yourself! The other way to be rich is to be part of a royal family, which makes you reach as you are born if you have luck. There are 17 countries where this can occasionally happen: Belgium, Japan, Kuwait, Monaco, Netherlands, Qatar, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, Denmark, Jordan, Malaysia, Morocco, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and United Arab Emirates. Besides that, you can always try to date royalty by clicking the “Love” icon.

You can try to get money through extortion. You can ask people for money. Once you are at the age of eighteen, you can start using dating apps, try your luck, you can always find a rich old girlfriend or boyfriend that provides for you.

At a certain age, when you are rich enough, invest in real estate, go to the Activities menu, choose Shopping, and then you will find real estate available to purchase. Buy some houses, renew them, if they need to, and later you get to sell them or rent them, make it profitable as you get to an age where you are almost retired, that way, you will have a peaceful oldness in BitLife.

How To Get Rich In Bitlife
How To Get Rich In Bitlife


BitLife can get to know our human behavior patterns or how we feel about our decisions and expectations. This article brings to the table some of the most critical features of this game, enhancing the several opportunities given for us to get rich with more ease. We would not expect less than events close to what happens in real life in a real-life simulator, but it’s still a game. It has its ways. Anyway, the best way to get richer is to live longer, live your decisions-driven virtual life game and find that gold mine. It won’t be easy, but after reading this, it became easier.

The best advice for having lots of money, like in real life, is: keep and double it. Can you be the billionaire Bitlife is waiting for?


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