How much money does MrBeast have? Much more than you think!

Last Updated on October 27, 2021

Who is Mr. Beast? How much money does MrBeast have?

Who is and how much money does MrBeast have? Let’s start with the beginning.

MrBeast, as he is known on YouTube, is definitely one of the most popular ‘YouTubers’ today. His birthday is May 7, 1998, and he was born in the United States of America. Mr. Beast is both a YouTube celebrity, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He’s also one of the planet’s highest-paid YouTubers.
His real name is Jimmy Donaldson, and he’s recognized for his YouTube pranks in which he gives large sums of money to friends or charity. He was the first to use charitable YouTube stunt videos as a promotion tool.

He’s known for making videos where he very unapologetically gets money and then gives it to people. Sometimes he does specific challenges, like spending $10k in 24h or giving out 100 sandwiches in 1 day. Other times he just spends a huge amount on something random…like paper towels. But no matter what, his fans seem to love him…and so do I!

He increased his popularity by purchasing billboards and radio advertising to assist him in top T-Series’ subscriber count. At the 2019 Shorty Awards, he was nominated for Vlogger of the Year. He received the Breakout Creator prize at the 2019 Streamies ceremony. He was named Best Male Social Star at the 2020 Kids’ Choice Awards in June 2020. At the Streamys, he won the title of 2020 YouTuber of the Year. In October 2020, he won the Streamy Award for Creator of the Year.

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Since the video “counting to 100,000” was published in 2017, Jimmy has grown a large global following. He spent 44 hours counting to 100,000 in the film. The film would go on to be seen over 21 million times.

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His social media following is enormous. He also co-founded Team Trees, a fundraising program for the Arbor Day Foundation.

As of now, his three primary channels have a total of 90+ million subscribers. In July 2020, MrBeast gained 400,000 new subscribers and had over 80 million video views in only one week.

MrBeast is widely regarded as the most-subscribed YouTube star based on their combined subscriber count. With just one channel, PewDiePie has 110 million followers worldwide. On Instagram, he boasts 12 million followers, 9 million followers on Twitter, and 13 million followers on TikTok.


What is MrBeast’s Net Worth? How much money does MrBeast have?

So, how much money does MrBeast have? In 2020, it is estimated he earned $24 million from his YouTube channel, merchandise sales, and corporate sponsorships with Microsoft and Electronic Arts.

According to a reliable source, although Jimmy hasn’t yet stated as much, he spends the bulk of his video income back into producing videos. He now spends as much as $300,000 creating one film, up from $10,000 several years ago. His exploits typically have a charitable slant to them, such as giving cash to strangers or adopting an entire shelter of rescue dogs.

According to SocialBlade, MrBeast earns at least $3 million per month from YouTube advertising. That does not take into account brand partnerships in the video.

He won’t tell really you how much money he has (he says this in all his videos), but other sources estimate around $150 million dollars. The reason that MrBeast hasn’t released anything about his earnings yet is because of bad experiences that other YouTubers have had after telling their fans how much they’ve earned. For example, Logan Paul told his followers that he made $12 million dollars in 2017 – and then immediately faced a ton of backlash from the public for it.

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The Early Life of Mr. Beast

On May 7, 1998, at Greenville, North Carolina, Donaldson was born. His mother raised him and he spent the majority of his childhood with his brother.

In 2012, he started his own YouTube channel and began uploading random footage. He first gained attention when he posted a video entitled ‘Worst Intros On YouTube.’


He amassed a large following on his YouTube channel throughout the years. He began spending thousands of dollars online and posting films like ‘$5 For Hot Girls To Advertise Your YouTube Channel.’ Mr. Beast’s rise to fame came when he started filming heartwarming videos such as ‘Giving A Random Homeless Man $10,000.’ He continued to release similar content, claiming that an application named “Quidd” was paying for the money he distributed to individuals.

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‘I Purchased A Car With Only Pennies,’ ‘I Donated $30,000 To A Random Twitch Streamer,’ ‘I Flew Using Just Leaf Blowers,’ and ‘Can 100,000 Pages Of Paper Stop A Bullet?’ are some of his most-viewed YouTube videos.

How much money does MrBeast have?  

Here are the top moments in Jimmy Donaldson’s career:

Giving A Random Homeless Man $10,000

I Purchased The World’s Largest Firework (YouTube Video, 56 Million Views, 2020)

Co-Creator of Team Trees

Highlights – How much money does MrBeast have?

  • Each month, the entire network earns $3 million in gross income;
  • To save 20 million trees, he has raised $20 million;
  • Over 100 automobiles have been donated by him;
  • In a single video, he gave away $1 million.

Favorite Quotes From Jimmy Donaldson 

“I used to make a dollar a day, so I didn’t even have a microphone. My mindset was just ‘reinvest everything I make – every time I got a paycheck, that was the month’s budget.” 

– Jimmy Donaldson 

“One of the reasons I like giving away money is I just like to see how people react. When you just hand someone $10,000 — like, ‘It’s yours’ — what do they do, you know? Some people don’t believe you. Some people think it’s fake. It’s just fun.”

– Jimmy Donaldson

“The hardest part for me was getting relevant! It took like five years to get anywhere. And the entire time, every week I was just like ‘Should I just quit? Am I wasting my time?

– Jimmy Donaldson

“My goal is to make a new vlog channel where I vlog running my charities. All the ad rev, merch sales, brand deals, etc will go towards feeding/helping people in the charities! I honestly think we could support multiple communities with this.”

– Jimmy Donaldson

Jimmy Donaldson’s Life Tips to Success

Now that you know all about Mr. Beast’s net worth, and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at one of the best lessons that we can learn from him: 

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Enjoy Life 

The joy of living is to know how to have a good time, according to Donaldson.

Give Back

We can credit much of Mr. Beast’s success on YouTube to giving back. His videos almost always include the offer of money, automobiles, food, and so on to others. It’s a win-win situation since people get unexpected presents while he gains viral content for his channel.


What if MrBeast releases his earnings? It could create a great dialog between him and his viewers about how money should be used. Is using your money to help people free-loading? Or is buying unnecessary things wasteful? These are important questions that teenagers need to start addressing, so let’s find out what might be one of the most influential YouTubers around can teach us about spending money!

It´s still unknown how much money does MrBeast have, maybe one day we will find out.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t blow it all…


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