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Last Updated on November 27, 2021

Cannabis Business Social Network is a fast-growing cannabis network of its kind on the web and it was created in order to help businesses of all sizes grow their following and drive leads.

It connects more than 100,000 cannabis professionals across the world, making it a one-stop source for connecting with existing or potential customers.

Cannabis Business Social Network is a business-oriented social media platform that provides an opportunity for businesses to connect with customers and employees.

Cannabis Business Social Network

Introduction | What is A Cannabis Business Social Network

Cannabis business social networks sites are designed to link cannabis businesses with consumers and other cannabis businesses.

As a result of social network companies’ limitations on cannabis, there is a negative connotation around the plant in some neighborhoods. And many new businesses have attempted.

However, as far as we can tell, none of these social networks have worked out.

On every one of them, thriving communities have yet to emerge.

Even if you’re trying to promote to customers, network, or form partnerships with other firms, most marijuana companies are better off using well-known networks like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Cannabis Business Social Network is a directory and forums of the cannabis business.

Their sites offer a complete cannabis business directory, cannabis jobs board, cannabis industry news, and its own social network.

The social network allows members to share their content, such as images and videos. It also offers an area for members to connect with each other, whether it be for work or personal reasons.

It is not just a place for people in the cannabis industry to connect with one another but also a place for those who are not in the industry to learn more about it.

They offer information about the benefits of cannabis from an informational perspective as well as from a medical perspective.

Also, they have information on different strains of marijuana and what they do from a medical perspective as well as what they do from an informational perspective.

What Is The Purpose Of Cannabis Business Social Networks?

The cannabis industry has been growing at an exceedingly rapid pace. According to Forbes, the cannabis industry is expected to grow by 26% per year over the next five years and will account for $20 billion in annual spending by 2022.

A lot of marijuana dispensaries are using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to market their products.

Cannabis business social networks are also trending in this space because they provide a platform for networking with other businesses, advertising their services, and promoting their brands.

The major advantage of these platforms is that they can be used globally without any legal issues or marketing restrictions.

There are 5 main purposes of Cannabis Business Social Networks:

1- B2B Sales

Selling goods or services to other businesses in the cannabis sector.

2- Partnership Development

Another method to build connections with other cannabis businesses.

3- Networking

You may even find yourself in a position where you can develop connections with other individuals in the industry for potential business and collaborations down the road.

4 – Hiring

Depending on which side of the equation you’re on, there are a few options. You can get into or start your own cannabis-related business, such as growing and selling it, for example.

5 – News & Discussion

You might come across their material syndicated here, as well as potentially compelling company news and blogs, and community discussion.

Most cannabis businesses share information about products and services in order to keep their customers informed and engaged.

They will often share updates about upcoming events and promotions in order to increase the number of people who will shop with them when they make an appearance at a particular event or when they offer a certain discount.

Who Are The Members Of Cannabis Social Networks

  • Growers and producers who want to sell their goods to wholesalers or dispensaries need to contact distribution businesses.
  • Dispensary owners seeking to expand their market, and vice versa.
  • Cannabis companies searching for goods and services.
  • Many ancillary products and service providers are searching for consumers.
  • Those interested in becoming involved in the industry.

The Top 3 Cannabis Social Networks for Business and Professionals


WeedLife was created as a social platform for people who are interested in the marijuana industry. It provides a safe environment for cannabis enthusiasts to talk about all facets of their passion, from cultivation to consumption.

WeedLife is an app that allows users to connect with other people who share similar interests. They can chat about anything from growing weed to smoking it. WeedLife also offers an opportunity for cannabis businesses and entrepreneurs to advertise their products and services on the app. The app has been downloaded more than 500,000 times since it was launched in 2015 and has been growing ever since.

WeedLife is a social network and hangout for cannabis enthusiasts. It features a newsfeed, timelines, and groups for users to share content with one another. It’s the first cannabis business network of its kind. With WeedLife, cannabis enthusiasts can connect with other like-minded people and share content such as pictures, videos, job listings, etc.

WeedLife gives cannabis businesses the ability to connect with other businesses, including suppliers, distributors, and consumers.

While WeedLife has been around for a few years now, it’s only in the last year that it has taken off. After legalization in Canada last October, people are using WeedLife more than ever before.


Leafwire is without a doubt the best specialty cannabis business social network.

We don’t use it much, but it seems like an excellent platform to network on a B2B basis, especially for ancillary service providers such as consultants, attorneys, and accountants.

If you’re a plant-touching firm like a dispensary or anything similar, Leafwire isn’t the place for you unless you’re looking for business services.

You’ll probably get bombarded with emails, and there aren’t any buyers on the site.

We’re not sure of any other cannabis company social network that people really use. All of the other sites that appear on “Best Cannabis Social Networks” appear to be quite dormant, have an interface from the early 2000s, are full of spam, and/or are more dispensary-centric like Weedmaps.

LeafWire is a cannabis business social network that was established in 2018. It operates on the premise of being a more professional-oriented platform for cannabis enthusiasts to connect with each other.

With LeafWire, customers will have access to reviews of the best strains of cannabis, insights about the best dispensaries, and even reviews of vaporizers. The company is establishing itself as an expert in its niche by providing consumers with reviews, insights, and reviews from some of the industry’s most experienced players who are passionate about cannabis culture.

LeafWire was founded in 2018 by Seth Yakatan, who has been working in the cannabis industry for more than 10 years.

He was inspired to create LeafWire after experiencing firsthand how difficult it could be to find reliable information about cannabis products on popular food review sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor.

With LeafWire, Seth hopes to build a trusted network where people can find honest reviews of products and services they are looking for.

The platform provides an environment for companies to update their customers, investors, and employees about what they are doing.

Leafwire was one of the first cannabis companies to enter the space of social media networks.

GrassCity Forums

The GrassCity forums are reasonably the maturest cannabis social network, and they have been around for more than a decade.
Originally, it started as a forum for cannabis growers.

After some time, it became a platform where members could buy and sell cannabis seeds or clones. Today, the site has evolved to become a platform where members can chat about cannabis. The site also allows people to take general discussions about other topics, including gardening and hiking.

The site has grown to include all aspects of cannabis culture with forums on topics like legalization, growing, cooking with weed, and more.

The forum is an amazing resource for people interested in learning more about the various aspects of the cannabis industry. There are also specialized sub-forums for everything from dog rescues to cooking with marijuana.

The term “GrassCity” is derived from the slang word for cannabis and also the name of the website. The GrassCity forums started as a forum for cannabis growers, but now they are a community of cannabis enthusiasts.

Alternatives to Cannabis Business Social Network Websites

LinkedIn – Great for B2B

LinkedIn is the most powerful social network for B2B sales, collaborations, and networking.

At the same time, keep in mind that decision-makers on LinkedIn receive a lot of spam, making it difficult to break through to them.

You might not have much more luck here than with cold calling or emailing people in the cannabis business, and you won’t get far as a participant at a cannabis industry event.

You can improve your chances of getting through by posting frequently on the site, and perhaps commenting on a few of their posts before sending them an invite so they’re already aware of you.

Tip: On LinkedIn, unless you’re talking to a buddy privately, maintain it somewhat formal.

How Much Does It Cost To Grow Cannabis At Home?

It’s easy to grow cannabis in your backyard. But how much does it cost to grow cannabis at home? Let’s take a look at the factors that go into calculating the cost for this endeavor.

Growing cannabis indoors is more expensive than growing it outdoors. For example, if you purchase an indoor setup with all the equipment, you can expect an initial investment of $2,500 to $3,000.

Add to that the additional costs of electricity and water usage and you could be spending $500 or more per year in water and electricity costs alone.

Growing cannabis outdoors is generally cheaper than indoors because there are no startup costs involved and no electricity or water bills.

All you need is some patience and a good spot for your plants – preferably one with plenty of sunlight!

For indoor cannabis growth cost calculations, we used soil as the growth medium and only one area for both vegetative development and blooming.

Let’s pretend we’re in a temperate zone where the use of A/C isn’t necessary, which will save money on energy.

The cannabis plants themselves are not included in the pricing estimates.

To save space and minimize our vegetative growth period, we’ll use six clones for this exercise.

Clones can cost anywhere from $10 to $30 each, although higher-quality clones might be more expensive.

The plants will spend around a month in vegetative development and roughly 8-10 weeks blossoming.

MaterialPrice ($)
Built grow space (6′ x 6′)$250
1000-watt light setup (ballast, HPS bulb, hood)$200-$600
Metal halide bulb$30-$100
6″ inline fan$80-$200
Carbon filter$80-$100
Six 10-gallon pots$20-$40
Two 30-gallon water tanks$50-$100
60 gallons of soil$60
Nutrient starter kit$50-$100
Hardware (trellising, zip ties, stakes)$50
3.5 months of electricity to power equipment$700
TOTAL PRICE RANGE:$1,570 to $2,300


Now, it just doesn’t appear that there’s enough of a benefit to shifting away from other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram; B2B cannabis content isn’t overly restricting, and the majority of customers aren’t going to switch over just to post or view cannabis information.

If you have a different opinion or have had some success with other cannabis company social networks, please let us know in the comments.

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