Can Business Require Vaccination? Let´s All Start To Feel Safe

Last Updated on October 30, 2021

Can Business Require Vaccination? Since the covid-19 pandemic ravaged the planet, our entire daily lives have changed, been limited, and disfigured. But, accompanying times of sadness, despair, and depression, hope may also come. As the pandemic developed and spread, also Governments discovered cures and treatments to facilitate the fight and prevent the proliferation of the virus, as is the case with the appearance of vaccines. 

Can Business Require Vaccination, legally, in the United States and most other countries? Yes, but now all. The question is: Does it make sense? 

can business require vaccination
Can Business Require Vaccination?

We’ve been facing a global pandemic for almost two years, and the laws have changed entirely from country to country.

When we should all be rowing the boat to the same side: stop the COVID-19.

We forget that we are in contact with thousands of people from all over the world. Maybe because it’s already part of our daily lives, but it’s something that happens every day.
Portugal, the country where I was born and grew up. Not wanting to hurt susceptibilities – but it’s the banana republic.

Let’s see: we were one of the countries with the most cases over these two years, the confinement was an absolute economic and psychological chaos for many families and companies, and although vaccination improved our condition concerning public health, it also caused a lot of talks.

However, we have always had a big problem that is difficult to control: the lack of civility and education.

In several situations, I have noticed several people not following the safety rules of the establishments, not wearing a mask correctly, not following the safety distances, the endless illegal parties, not removing the hands and surfaces, among others. And yes, I agree, there were countless ridiculous rules during this pandemic, such as curfews during the early morning hours, restaurants, and shops closed after 3 pm. As if the virus was only going to attack during the night and after a particular hour… not.

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It just caused a greater volume of people in that specific space all at the same time, causing endless lines. However, after the vaccination started, everything started to go back to normal, but here’s the thing: vaccination is not mandatory in Portugal.

The government has just cleverly appealed to common sense by making even more restrictions, except for companies, where we spend most of our time.

So, let’s look at the following realistic situation: more than 50% of the workers today use only public transportation to get to their jobs. Subways, buses, trains are always full like sardines in a can.

In addition to the lack of care and non-compliance with the imposed rules, the cases started to increase. Yes! Because the vaccine does not make us immune! It is only for prevention to avoid severe cases. To give us security! Only and only.

That said, I’ll give you a hint: companies and all employees need protection, not only financially but also in terms of health. So, in my humble opinion and for what it’s worth, companies should be obliged to require vaccination for the good of us all.

These vaccines have as their objective to create antibodies and give us immunity, thus making it more difficult to spread the virus between communities and amenities symptoms or sequelae as severe as experienced for those who were not vaccinated. 

But unfortunately, only in Portugal, this is not yet the case. Maybe one day, it might be. On sunny days, never in the afternoon. Will we see right?

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Can A Business Require A Vaccine?

Can Business Require Vaccination? In some countries and companies, vaccination for work is mandatory, while it is only optional in some other countries or companies. These laws were implemented considering that although remote work was adopted, most jobs and functions require face-to-face and physical contact with tens or hundreds of people daily. 

That caused many people to lose their jobs or be temporarily unable to work due to the need to suppress or eliminate services provided or functions performed by these same employees. But now and thanks to vaccination, they will be able to resume activities in freedom, without fear or worry. 

COVID-19 took into consideration that there are limitations and social or religious differences that may influence a citizen’s decision, but knowing that something fundamental is to maintain hygiene, health, and public safety.

On the one hand, individuals and groups defend modernity and medical advances, trying to reassure society and influencing group immunity. Still, on the other hand, some people think that perhaps being vaccinated against this virus is not the best option for different reasons. 

So, to what extent should a citizen be “obliged” to take this vaccine? Can Business Require Vaccination? We live in a free society, but won’t our freedom of choice limit the freedom of others? And, because we live in a community, won’t we have to think differently and not just about ourselves and consider only our opinion? 

Can A Business Require A Vaccine?
Can A Business Require A Vaccine?

Answers are built and mixed between logic, ethics, justice, and reason. Still, it’s a fact that only some citizens have free will to make that decision because a large majority are influenced and almost subjected to mandatory vaccination. 

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Since they don’t do it, they risk losing their jobs and possibly overcoming difficulties. So vaccines have not only brought hope, but they have also raised questions and doubts. However, it is essential for a company to maintain its productivity, not only to be successful but also to ensure the stability of jobs and the well-being and health of its employees and customers. 

For that, it is necessary for all parties to be safe and to take maximum precautions. 

Thus, it is not just an interest of companies to vaccinate their employees, but also the employees themselves, so that they can feel safe at work and do it without restrictions or worries.


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