How Can A Blog Make You Money In 2022. Guide For Beginners.

Last Updated on October 20, 2021

How Can A Blog Make You Money? How does a blog earn money? Can a Blog make money? Do bloggers make money? Who pays the blogger? These are major concerns for every aspiring and current blogger.

Even beginner Bloggers are seeking to know if it is possible to generate money blogging.

Bloggers that have been blogging for a while want to know how to increase their earnings.

The solution is quite straightforward.

The entire process can be broken down into four questions that should be asked before you make the decision to make blogging your full-time job.

Here are the 4 questions in exact sequence :

  1. Is it possible for me to make money with a blog?
  2. Do I need to make money from my blog?
  3. What am I willing to spend or invest to make money from blogging?
  4. How do bloggers make money?   

1. Is it possible for me to make money with a blog?

Let’s check if we need to make some cash from our blogs. Everyone has their own reasons and motivations for blogging. Some make money from blogging to make a living. Others make blogging a hobby and make some extra bucks.

The simple answer is, “Yes”. It is easy enough to make money from blogging.

But, what do you want the blog for? Only one thing – To Make Money! If that’s your only motive then it can be done. You will have to put in more time and effort than those bloggers who blog as a hobby.

2. Do I need to make money from my blog?

The next question is how much time and dedication would you like to invest into your blog before expecting any returns?

It takes time and effort before you can actually start seeing results on your blogs.

Although there are no guarantees in blogging, you can make money from your blog by following a few simple strategies.

A blogger has to make his/her blog look good to make money from blogs. It is not necessary that it should be a website but make sure that it looks professional enough and not like a personal blog. But make sure your blog is attractive and interesting because people will visit your blog if they found it interesting.

3) What am I willing to spend or invest to make money from blogging?

This question helps you determine the amount of time, energy, money, and resources you’re willing to put into earning an income from blogging.

4) How do make money?                                                   

Blogging is a business.

If you make blogging your business, make sure you make money!

So let’s turn this question “how do make money on blogs?” into this question “How does a blog make money?!”

You are willing to make blogging your full-time job or at least a part-time job? You are ready to invest some time, energy, and resources into it? Great! Let us find out how can bloggers make money!

How do Blogs Earn Money?

To make money, you need to offer something in exchange. You can’t just take it from other people.

To make money on your blog, it must be valuable to people on the web. This means you need to decide how you want to make money from your blog.

There are five ways bloggers make money: ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, products, and services.

In this post, I’ll break down each of these so that anybody can understand how bloggers make money and get paid.

Make a note to save it on Pinterest. This is going to be one of those articles you refer back to again and again.

This section will start with How Can A Blog Make You Money and then answer the following questions:

  • Who pays the blogger;
  • When can beginner bloggers start making money?
  • Tips for how to get your blog ready for making money.

This post is rather lengthy. I wanted to provide you with the most thorough guide on how to generate money blogging. Please feel free to jump to the areas that interest you most.

  • Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Products
  • Services

#1 How Can A Blog Make You Money with Ads

Let’s start with advertising since they are most likely the most well-known methods on How Can A Blog Make You Money for bloggers.

So, how does it work? To place advertising on a blog, an ad network is used. The majority of ad networks employ tailored advertisements. This implies the advertisement varies depending on who is reading the blog, what’s being written about there, and/or what they’ve recently visited.

Popular ads networks for bloggers are:

  • Adsense – no monthly minimum to apply
  • Adthrive – minimum of 100,000 monthly pageviews
  • Mediavine – 25,000 monthly sessions
  • Sovrn – no monthly minimum to apply

The two most frequent ways A Blog Make You Money is through ad networks are per impression or per click.

Paid per impression – This is the case if you come across a blog with these advertisements. The viewer does not have to click on the ad in order for the blogger to profit. They are paid per impression, which is the number of times an ad is seen.

Paid per click – When someone clicks on the ad, the blogger receives a little sum of money.

Here’s a rundown of how advertising monetization works. Sovrn has the following to say:

Advertisers pay website owners based on how many people have seen their ads. Every time an ad is seen by a reader, that’s called “an impression.” Because there are billions of ad impressions every day, advertisers pay based on intervals of 1,000 impressions or CPM (cost per mille impressions).

When you’ve completed all of the setup steps and are ready to run advertisements on your website, your ad network will walk you through where to put them. On blogs, you’ll frequently see advertising in the following locations:

  • Sidebar, frequently sticky
  • Header
  • Over images (personal side note: if find these annoying, but lots of bloggers are making good money from it)
  • In post after x amount of paragraphs
  • Sticky footer on mobile

Who pays the blogger?

The majority of the time, a blogger is paid by an ad network on a monthly basis. On rare occasions, advertisers will communicate with bloggers to have advertisements placed on their sites. In that situation, the company would negotiate a fee and pay the blogger straight.

When can you start to make money blogging with ads?

Many new bloggers start out by experimenting with advertising and quickly become dissatisfied when they are making pennies each month.

The problem is that beginning bloggers cannot earn money from advertisements since they do not have enough visitors. So, while you may put advertising on your site at any time, you won’t make much money unless you get approximately 25,000 page views each month.

You’re better off waiting until you’ve reached the 25,000 pageview mark and then advertising your site.

I attempted applying to Google AdSense for my mock blog. This blog was created for my beginning bloggers course. It had four articles, as well as a fully built homepage. Google denied my application for AdSense on the basis that the site wasn’t developed enough. So, even with Google, you must have an established website before you can display their advertising on your blog.

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Who pays the blogger?

In most cases, the ad network a blogger is associated with pays the blogger a monthly income. Occasionally, brands will reach out directly to a blogger to place an ad on the blog. In that case, the brand would negotiate a rate and pay the blogger directly.

When can you start monetizing with ads?

Beginning bloggers often try making their first money with ads and quickly become frustrated when they are making pennies a month.

The reason beginning bloggers can’t make money from ads is that they do not have enough traffic. So, while you can place ads on your site at any time, realistically you won’t make very much money unless you are getting around 25,000 pageviews a month.

You are better off waiting until you hit that 25,000 pageview mark and then adding ads to your site.

I tried going through Google Adsense’s application process for my mock blog. I set up this blog for my beginning bloggers course. It had 4 posts and a fully designed home page. Google did not approve my application for AdSense stating that the site was not developed enough. So even with the big G, you need to have an established site before you can place their ads on your blog.

Tips On How Can A Blog Make You Money With Ads

If you want to make money by advertising, you’ll need traffic. You’ll need a lot of it. How can you get more visitors to your website? The first step is to produce high-quality material that people are interested in reading. The next stage is to market the material. My favorite approach to increase site visits is through Pinterest.

If you want to generate money through advertising, concentrate your efforts on amazing content and marketing. This will be your main concern before and after you reach the magical 25,000 pageviews.

business for women

#2 How Can A Blog Make You Money With Affiliate Marketing

The main goal of affiliate marketing is to earn money by promoting a product or service. A blogger establishes a connection with a company and then promotes its items and/or services. Each blogger has his or her own URL that links to the firm’s website. When a person clicks on the unique link provided, he or she is taken to the company’s website, where he or she may make a purchase.

Commissions are paid out in a percentage of the sale or a set amount per sale or lead.

There are a number of methods for bloggers to become affiliated with businesses. You can become an affiliate directly through the company’s affiliate program or by participating in affiliate marketing networks and finding affiliate programs to join there.

Find an affiliate program for a specific company

If you’re thinking of becoming an affiliate for a company or product, go on a search to find out whether they have one.

To begin, go to the company’s website and scroll all the way down to the bottom. In the site footer, many businesses include a link to their affiliate program. The affiliate program might be difficult to discover at times. Then, Google a term such as “ affiliate program.”

Affiliate programs are referred to by a variety of names. Partner programs, rewards systems, and referrals systems are some examples. To discover the affiliate page, check out a few different alternatives.

If you can’t locate an affiliate program, try contacting the firm directly and asking. Look for a contact email address, a contact box, or a social media connection.

Join an affiliate Network

You may also discover affiliate programs by joining an affiliate marketing network. Here are a few of the most popular ones, in no particular order:

Become an affiliate for other bloggers and influencers

Is there a blogger inside your area that has produced and is selling her or his own product, course, or e-book? You may check if they have an affiliate program set up to see if they’re willing to join.

While they may be “competitors,” working for them as an affiliate might be a mutually beneficial connection.

You may market their product on your blog and discuss it. This will assist you in making money while also assisting them in increasing sales. When you write a review + affiliate post for the blogger, they’ll usually include your content (because it’s marketing them). This can help you grow your following as well.

You’re not only earning money, but you’re expanding your reach as well!

Who pays the blogger?

An affiliate network is used most of the time to pay an affiliate. Even though I discovered affiliate programs directly through a company’s website, they’ve utilized a network to handle link tracking and payment. When the minimum amount of sales are achieved, payments are generally made on a monthly basis.

If you are marketing a business’s goods, commissions may be paid directly to you by the firm.

Keep in mind that the commission percentage is usually higher for digital items than physical ones.

When can you start to make money blogging with affiliate marketing?

Starting an affiliate marketing company is one of the simplest methods to get started making money on your blog. You may begin earning money with affiliate links at any stage in your blogging career. Obviously, the more people see your affiliate marketing campaigns and offer, the more money you will earn.

Keep in mind that some affiliate programs, such as Amazon, have minimal purchase thresholds or page views. Before applying for the affiliate program, look into the specifics.

Some people think they can simply start a blog and link to Amazon products without promoting them. However, in order to remain in their program, you must make at least three sales from your links within 180 days after signing up as an Amazon Affiliate. “You are welcome to reapply when your site is up and running.”

Even so, affiliate marketing is advantageous for new bloggers in a few ways:

  • It doesn’t take as many pageviews as ad income to be successful.
  • It’s easier to sell a product if it has already been successful in the past.
  • You can practice selling someone else’s product before you create your own.I fully agree with Pat Flynn when he says,

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to develop your own product since someone else has already done the legwork. That’s one of the many advantages of affiliate marketing: you don’t have to spend time and effort developing something to sell. As soon as you’ve got a platform through which you may sell products, you can begin earning money as an affiliate.

Tips for making money with Affiliate Marketing

The platform is all about building up and establishing your foundation (blog + email list).

It also implies creating high-quality material that connects with your target audience. Oh, and promoting it is another crucial component. Securing your platform also entails establishing credibility and authority among the people that visit your blog.

You can’t just throw affiliate links around and expect to make money. You must have a planned strategy for affiliate monetization.

Affiliate marketing works best when you’re promoting something you enjoy and use on a daily basis.

#3 How Can A Blog Make You Money With Sponsored Posts

Sponsored content is when a company pays a blogger to produce articles about their brand or a specific product. Sponsored content, like any other material by the same author (of course), usually has the same tone and feel.

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Bloggers and content producers are frequently hired by businesses to promote their products in an editorial context. The company places a premium on bloggers’ clout, voice, and authority. That is why the firm wants to utilize your platform (blog and any extensions) to market its goods.

The majority of the time, sponsored posts are simply a part of your content’s publication process (material, photos, set numbers social interactions), but on occasion, businesses will pay you for only one aspect of your material. Bloggers may be sponsored for any of the following:

  • Articles
  • Photography
  • Styling and staging
  • Videos
  • Live videos
  • Social media posts
  • Emails

Bloggers may develop their own campaigns that will appeal to their readers. Each campaign will be unique for bloggers based on the demands of the sponsor and the platforms where they shine. Businesses want to use your voice to discuss their product/service with your distinct audience.

How do bloggers get sponsored opportunities?

The big bloggers don’t have to work hard. Sponsors come to them since they recognize the value of their material and audience.

Sponsored blogging is still a difficult path, even for established bloggers. To be sponsored, you must do some leg work.

If you know a brand that you want to work with, you can just offer them an idea or pricing.

The most common approach for bloggers (particularly novice ones) to discover sponsored possibilities is through sponsored networks. Influencer Networks are a type of marketing network in the business world.

The following networks facilitate brand-influencer connections (bloggers and content producers). You’ll be able to view available sponsor opportunities within the network and apply for them yourself.

Find Sponsored Content Opportunities through an Influencer network

Who pays the blogger?

The amount paid to a blogger from a sponsored article is determined by where the relationship between the firm and the blogger begins. If the blogger and brand are in direct contact with one another, the business pays them directly.

If a blogger discovers a sponsorship opportunity through a sponsor network, the network pays him or her.

When a blogger works directly with a company, such as by inviting the brand to them or pitching the company, the fee for sponsored content is negotiable.

When a blogger reaches out to influencer networks in order to secure a sponsored content contract, the pay rate is generally decided ahead of time.

When can you start to make money blogging with sponsored posts?

Before you can start working with brands, you’ll need to have a strong blog up and running.

Brands and networks will want to see that you’ve been blogging for at least six months and have a large number of followers.

Size isn’t as important with audiences as it is with advertisements, but businesses will want to make sure that your site is visited and that people are interested in your content before they pay you to create it.

Tips for making money with Sponsored Content

My suggestions for sponsored content are as follows:

  • Have a unique writing style and ideas;
  • Improve your photography skills;
  • Focus on a particular audience + make them fall in love with you;
  • Decide ahead of time what type of companies match your blog’s brand and values;
  • Like many of the above tips, continue working on growing your audience.

When you do have the opportunity to get sponsored material, don’t forget to provide a lot of value to your readers! This is what will allow you to keep receiving sponsored chances and keep your employees happy.

I work for my readers and get compensated by my brands.” That implies that any sponsored work I do must be relevant to you. With each company I deal with, I consider this. Is it beneficial to my readers? Is it a product that I believe you’d use? Is it a product that you would actually use? It’s a win-win situation if it’s the right fit. If it isn’t, you’ll most likely let me know, which is why I only associate with companies that The Healthy Maven believes in.

#4 How Can A Blog Make You Money Creating And Selling Products

Many of us believe that bloggers mostly get compensated through advertisements. That is true for many, but certain of the most successful bloggers nowadays offer their own goods.

Bloggers market digital items, educational materials, memberships or subscriptions, books, and their own physical items.

Let’s look at some of the different things bloggers produce and sell.

Digital Products

Bloggers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to generate revenue. Product development is one of the most popular methods for them to do so. Printable planners, invites, party printables, meal plans, and other similar items are some examples.

Because digital goods have very little overhead, they have a lot of earning potential.

You may sell and deliver digital items using a WordPress plugin like Easy Digital Downloads or a program like Gumroad, among others.


Knowledge reigns supreme these days. Perhaps it’s a little excessive, but that is a topic for another day.

As a blogger, you probably have significant expertise on a certain topic and can pass it on to others. Bloggers these days are educating their audiences by developing their own ebooks, guides, internet courses, and workshops.

A lot of bloggers are attempting to earn money online by combining their knowledge and selling it to their followers in the hopes that they, too, may learn.


This is usually material that bloggers have already written for their blog. A lot of individuals have articles that are instructional in nature, making a practical educational tool a natural fit.

Second, the high earning potential of creating and selling a course distinguishes it from other money-making opportunities. You set the price point and earn the whole commission.

Finally, the number of people that see your content is not as important as it is with advertisements and sponsored posts. Obviously, the bigger your following, the greater your earning potential. However, if you have 100 followers and sell for $30 for each course then you will make $300 more than you would if you only had 10 people view your material. On the other hand, someone who has 100 followers may earn 50 cents in advertising revenue every month.

People are searching for knowledge and development, so offer them a route to acquire it.

Memberships and Subscriptions

Subscriptions or memberships are a form of monetization in which bloggers provide special material to those who join (pay) for their membership program. Customers who may have access to the material.

Physical Products

Many individuals utilize their blogs to exhibit and discuss the items they develop. The blogging world is populated by a diverse collection of creative entrepreneurs. Some have been developing their product for a long time and started their blogs as a method to market it. Other bloggers, on the other hand, build their own product after seeing a gap or developing a concept that they knew their audience would like.

I’ve been a fan of for quite some time, and I’m delighted to see the things she creates for her blog audience. As she discussed her own bullet journals, she was able to develop goods that aided her readers in creating their own.

There are a variety of methods to sell both tangible products and services on your blog. Some bloggers connect their site to an Etsy shop and sell their items there. Using the plugin WooCommerce, you can sell physical goods on your WordPress site. Instead of using WordPress, other bloggers use Shopify to build their blog and online store.

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This is an easy one to understand. Many bloggers choose to publish a book because they are already prolific writers and have a lot of material. Some bloggers self-publish, but others are published by a publishing company.

Wholesale Products

I’m perplexed that the blogging world isn’t more aware of this one. However, it’s a fantastic method to generate money online while not having to develop your own product.

The two ways that online entrepreneurs make money by selling a product they acquired from a vendor are:

  1. They acquire the item and, if necessary, arrange for shipping and packaging.
  2. They use a drop-shipper as their supplier, which drops shipments. This means that the bloggers sells the product on their own site, but the wholesale business packs and sends it to the client.

Who pays the blogger?

The customer is the one who pays! There’s no middleman network taking a cut of the profits. There’s no such thing as just getting a commission on the sale. The blogger receives payment directly from the consumer because he or she is both the creator and seller of the goods. The cost of running a blog still has to be taken into account. A credit card company charge and fees for the tool or app they are using to sell their products must be paid.

If you’re offering a tangible item, you’ll have to account for the manufacturing and shipping expenses.

When can you start to make money blogging with your own product?

You may start your blog and begin promoting your product at the same time. However, I don’t recommend it.

According to data, only 2-3% of your email list will purchase your product. As a result, establishing a reasonable target before releasing your own product is to have 500-1000 excellent subscribers on your email list.

Tips for making money by selling your own product

To begin, get to know your target audience. What are their problems, needs, and desires? How can you assist them? Begin by establishing your authority and credibility.

If you want to sell your own items, building an engaged email list should be at the top of your list. This is where you should pitch and sell your goods.

Don’t feel compelled to go huge with your first product. Begin with a modest digital product. Meera has an excellent article about numerous types of blog-based digital goods you can develop.

online jobs
online jobs

#5 How Can A Blog Make You Money from services, coaching, and consulting

People require assistance. Maybe they want to understand something better or they want someone to hold them accountable. Some people just want to hire someone else to do anything for them so that they don’t have to do it themselves. Many bloggers offer services in their field relating to help and advice for their readers.

In this type of business, your blog serves as a platform to demonstrate your knowledge on a topic while also attracting new customers for the services you provide.

Offering services as a complement to your website is another excellent method to develop your expertise.

I used to offer blog migrations from Blogger to WordPress when my blog was new. My clients valued my work and the transition they went through from Blogger to WordPress. Rather than just transferring their site, I migrated them as well, providing WordPress training so that they would be well-equipped to succeed as bloggers.

They trusted that because I was familiar with WordPress and how it could help them as a blogger, my blog material would continue to assist them. My customers were certain that the material on my website would aid them in their blogging endeavors.

As a result of this, my clients recommended me and shared my blog with their blogging pals.

Although I am not offering this service at the moment, I do credit it for speeding up the development of my site.

People help you advance through relationships. Yay!

The value of offering coaching or consulting packages is that they can help you better understand the demands of your target audience. When I’m working directly with my target audience, I come up with a slew of blog topics.

Who pays the blogger?

The consumer, or client. You’ll set prices and arrange for payments as a blogger that provides a service. You may send invoices to your clients via PayPal.

When can you start to make money blogging with consulting and coaching?

It’s never too early to start working on your new business. Anytime! Begin by finding your first few clients and getting started when you’re ready. It’s always a good idea to have some material under your belt and a solid social presence that allows you to stay in touch with individuals.

Tips On How Can A Blog Make You Money With services

Develop a list of your target audience’s pain issues, needs, and desires. How can you assist them? Is there anything you can do for them or a way you might collaborate with one another?

After that, contact a few individuals or a small group and offer your services. Set your pricing low when you’re beginning out; don’t sell yourself short, though (I’ve been guilty of this before and it doesn’t usually go well).

Put it this way: if you’re looking for ways to get more traffic, start with group coaching. Make a month-long group coaching package for your niche.

Make it so appealing that the participants will love and promote you and your blog after completing it. You may include blog articles in addition to the coaching. This will allow them to learn more about you and your work.

Take note of what they’re asking and how they’re struggling to find future content and product suggestions!

Go forth and start to make money blogging!

What is the purpose of your blog and what value do you provide for money? How do you intend to make money blogging? What hoops must you jump through to get there?

For those of you who are already generating money, leave a remark and tell us all about your number 1 type of blogging income; we’d love to hear yours!

A final note to beginning bloggers wanting to make money

laptop, handshake, agreement-6081424.jpg

Making money is easier than it seems. It might not seem like it because when you are outside of the business, it can be hard to see your goal. But when you are in the business, making money is easier.

The hard part is coming up with ideas for new content, marketing them so you can attract a new audience, and then keeping those people engaged by writing fresh material.

The monetizing phase is simpler if you have an audience that enjoys your material and a solid strategy in place for generating money.

Once you make a decision on what to offer and how you will make money blogging, it’s a makeover.

You make a bit of cash, make some connections, make some friends, make more cash, make even better connections, make your brand known, make even more money…and soon enough, you’ll be making an income from your blog!

And then the cycle continues as you do it all over again. And if that process is repeated long enough? You can maintain a lifestyle from blogging.

That is the dream of every blogger – to have their own business and earn their living from home with just a little effort from them after putting in the hard work to build a solid foundation for their site. This is not impossible though it takes effort and time.

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