Beauty Influencers on Instagram – The Millennial Guide

Last Updated on October 20, 2021

The Future of Beauty Influencers Marketing

Beauty Influencers have been around for a long time. In the past, magaToday’s age has given us unprecedented access to celebrities’ personal lives. So much so, it can feel intrusive at times.

Millennials are trendsetters, creativity is king, and they control how their peers perceive popular brands. They expect unique content, custom-tailored towards them specifically. Marketers need to understand what their audience wants, instead of just thinking about how much money will be made.

Marketers can no longer rely exclusively on celebrities to share information about products they’re selling. Consumers today want more intimacy with the people behind companies than ever before. They want humanized connections that allow them to ease into new lifestyles without the hard sell.

Beauty Influencers marketing is not limited to celebrities; it includes recommendations from everyday people as well. Services such as hashtags or Snapchat geofilters bring proactive consumers into the fold by rewarding them for self-promotion. This gives companies a way to tap into the enthusiasm of influencers without having to pay for advertising space.

This new wave of influencer marketing can create lasting relationships between companies and their customers. It’s all about authenticity and transparency. The future of influencer marketing lies in its ability to provide experiences that speak directly to the Millennial generation. Promoting lifestyles where businesses rely less on selling products than telling stories.

The 5 Types of Beauty Bloggers

Beauty Influencers play a significant role in influencing Millennials and Gen Z-ers because they offer an authentic perspective on products. Marketers should understand the five common types of beauty bloggers.:

The Basic One – She doesn’t even realize she’s a beauty blogger. This type of blogger is often found at home, unwinding from work or school. She goes out every now and then but spends most of her time inside watching movies.

Most Popular Niche: Drugstore Makeup. Affordable options make it easy for people to try new styles and trends without breaking the bank.

Social Media Platforms: YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram.

The Animated One – She may not be into the beauty that much but she absolutely loves animated series like The Simpsons so her hobby is creating “Simpsons-Esque” makeup looks on herself.

Most Popular Niche: Anime Characters. While it’s not the best shade for everyone’s complexion, anime characters are undeniably popular with this demographic.

Social Media Platforms: YouTube, Tumblr, DeviantArt, Snapchat.

The Expert One – She has done her research, read all of the books written by other bloggers in order to get a better understanding of how to apply lipstick or concealer under their eyes. Basic things people can learn from a YouTube tutorial, that she excels at and takes pride in. She doesn’t just review any beauty product that crosses her path – she really knows her stuff and will only recommend products if they’re actually worth recommending.

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Most Popular Niche: Educational Beauty Blogging. People like to learn how to properly apply makeup or get ideas for new trends.

Social Media Platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr.

The Sophisticated One – Her blog is an extension of who she is and what’s she’s about; she chooses quality over quantity and spends hours writing personal posts and reports on the latest reports and studies conducted by leading universities worldwide. She may use drugstore makeup, but she’ll never promote it unless there’s a specific reason why it is relevant and helpful in her daily life.

Most Popular Niche: Review-Based Blogging. Beauty blogging has become a review-based industry, and these bloggers offer an educated take on the latest products.

Social Media Platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr.

The Floozy One – She is irritatingly persistent and will beg anyone to like her posts on Facebook or follow her personally on Twitter (no seriously she’ll actually tweet at you). A beauty blogger with hundreds of thousands of followers who regularly buys likes/followers packages from random websites just so she can have more “friends”. This type of blogger comes across as being insecure about herself so she tries too hard to be loved by others. Most people find this type of blogger annoying but will follow her on social media anyway because she’s constantly spamming their feeds.

Most Popular Niche: Fake Lifestyle Blogging. These bloggers are pretty much just selling stuff without actually saying what it is or how to use it. They usually end up scamming people.

Social Media Platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

The majority of beauty bloggers fall into the third category. This is why they have so much reached when it comes to promoting different brands and products.

The Best Strategy for Beauty Influencers Marketing Business

The best strategy for Beauty Influencers is starting a blog/influencer marketing business in writing. Lots and lots of it. In fact, you can’t really do anything without writing if you’re starting from scratch, because that’s what every good content creation software, among other things, does: you write the content first and let the tools make it look more professional later on. But don’t get lost in thinking about how to start a blog or influencer marketing business, write whatever comes to your mind! You’ll figure out afterward which topics work better than others. The rest will come with time, but the only way to get there is by starting.

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So, how do you actually start a blog? It’s pretty simple: grab yourself an account on WordPress (or any other platform that would let you easily create your own website) and hit the “create site” button.

Then fill in all of the required fields, it should go without saying that you need to give your project a cool name! and choose whatever theme your heart desires.

Now, it’s time to post something for real… But what? The answer is whatever interests you most at the moment. That’s what you write about in this very first post! You can then take screenshots of that article’s page using one of the free screenshot apps, and see if you can optimize them a bit more. Make sure the screenshots look good by not being too big that would defeat the purpose of taking or uploading them in the first place! You could also use some online tools that let you edit images for free, such as

Now your blog is up and running! But wait… Do people even know it’s there? Don’t worry about it, just start sharing this awesome site with all your social media contacts. They might even help you out by posting something on their own social media profiles so that other people will start seeing your website! That’s right, we’re starting an influencer marketing campaign! mean, who knows better than your friends and followers how to reach your target audience? It’ll also help you determine which topics work better than others, and you can even start building up a small following. Just remember: it all starts with writing!

How Beauty Influencers Build Their Audience On Instagram

Many people think that all you need to do is post pretty pictures of makeup, or famous celebrities wearing it, and then sit back and watch the followers come pouring in. Unfortunately for these naive folks, that’s not enough to make a career out of being a beauty blogger.

There are thousands upon thousands of people who claim they’re “full-time influencers” with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media yet can’t pay their rent or make any type of reasonable income because they don’t know how to bring in sales. And on the topic of sales: they’re not just going to come by themselves! They don’t fall into your lap and, even though some products might be sent for free for reviews or gifted by companies, that can’t sustain a blossoming business. If you want to make money as a blogger (or an influencer), you need to know how to build your brand and market yourself correctly.

These days, that means building your own community on Instagram and constantly promoting your website. Here are some tips to help you develop a good foundation for creating your own beauty blog:

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1. Choose the right topic.

2. Figure out what people want to read about.

3. Write first and foremost because you love blogging.

4. Share your content with everyone.

5. Optimize images and influencer marketing campaigns.

6. Keep on developing yourself as a blogger!

Start small so you don’t get overwhelmed… But also start now so you can put these steps into practice right away! Every successful blogger started from nothing, and look where they are now! So, if you’re ready to begin building an audience on social media, start by choosing the right topic for you.

Many people think that beauty blogging is all about showing off the latest lipstick shades or popular haircuts; however, that’s really only part of it. Yes, you should absolutely highlight everything related to fashion and makeup that helps your followers put their best face forward (so to speak), but at its core, a successful blog needs an identity—a specific theme to make it stand out from others in your niche.

When you search Instagram or Google for “beauty blogger,” do you find yourself scrolling through endless selfies wearing different outfits? If so, try looking into other blogs that are similar to yours to see what separates them from the rest of the pack! You’ll probably notice some common themes or interests that they share. For example, you might find a lot of fashion bloggers who also create beauty content about their favorite mascara or how to put your best face forward for different occasions. Similarly, many food bloggers post restaurant recommendations and recipes for homemade lip balm.

When it comes down to it, It doesn’t really matter what type of blog you create! As long as there’s a demand for your product or service – beauty, fashion, food – you’ll find eager customers waiting with open wallets! So, keep that in mind: think about who would be interested in reading what you have to say jumping into anything new. By defining your audience, you can keep your focus on creating content that they’ll love.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your blog, either! If you’re passionate about hair curling techniques or taking outfit photos, who says they can’t be part of your blog? As long as they keep your audience engaged and happy (and make sense within the context of your brand), let yourself experiment with different types of content!

Now that you have an idea for your blog, the next step is to get it up and running! While you can certainly get something started on Blogger or WordPress for free, it’s always nice to have a more professional-looking site.

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