Amazon Business Accounts: The Complete Guide

Last Updated on November 12, 2021

Amazon Business Accounts provide several useful services, such as price reductions, fast delivery options, and analytics reports. It allows you to purchase and resell items, as well as receive a discount for using their corporate credit card.

We have also compiled a list of 15 drawbacks to operating Amazon Business Accounts.

What Is Amazon Business Account
What Is Amazon Business Account

Introduction: What Is Amazon Business Account

Amazon Business Accounts provide several useful services, such as price reductions, fast delivery options, and analytics reports. It allows you to purchase and resell items, as well as receive a discount for using their corporate credit card.

Amazon Business Accounts are free to establish for verified businesses and are easy to set up and use, on either a computer or mobile device.

Just sign in with your Amazon account information on the Amazon Business page, using the email address you used for the original Amazon purchase.

Note: Amazon Business Account holders with requisitioner permissions can use Amazon to purchase business goods on behalf of their employer.

Amazon Business Account Login

To log in to your Amazon Business Account you can follow the below steps:

  1. You have to open your internet browser and go to:
  2. Login to your amazon business accounts with your email address and password.

Benefits Of Amazon Business Account

Here are some benefits of Amazon Business Accounts:

  • With Amazon Business, you may work with hundreds of thousands of merchants who may provide business-only selections, quantity discounts, and time-saving tools to help you run your company more efficiently.
  • You can use Business Prime to unlock the full potential of Amazon Business. This feature is available to users who subscribe to the Business Prime program.
  • You may also interact with other Amazon users by searching for experts and other businesses in your area. The experts may provide answers to questions about their product line, while businesses can promote themselves and connect with you.
  • Since a business account makes it easy for you to apply volume discounts when placing orders, it can help you decrease costs over time.
Benefits Of Amazon Business Account
Benefits Of Amazon Business Account

Downsides To Amazon Business Account

Amazon is a fantastic platform that is accessible to businesses with fewer than ten employees and over 45,000 active sellers. There are two sides to every coin, as we all know. It’s vital to consider the drawbacks of Amazon’s business regardless of the good reviews you’ve heard.

We’ll assist you in making better judgments when deciding whether or not to join up.

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Amazon Business Accounts
Amazon Business Accounts

We’ve compiled a list of 15 drawbacks to operating an Amazon business:

1 – Fierce competition

You have access to a large audience on Amazon if you establish an Amazon business account. Your sales are going to rise as a result of this huge number of people. What you don’t know is that you aren’t the only individual who has access to these users.

There are many people like you that are also trying to penetrate the same audience. They also possess the same analytical and management tools that you have at your disposal. So, it is difficult to make enormous sales as there are more sellers on the platform with similar products.

2 – Limited relationship with customers

The fact that you have a large number of consumers who rely on your services does not ensure a long-term buyer-seller connection. Amazon’s policy has been discovered to prevent you from seeing your clients’ contacts, according to which, your consumer data is private.

3 – Risk of suspension for poor performance

If your product isn’t doing well, Amazon’s system will flag it and you’ll be suspended without notice. This could lead to the closure of your business account if you’re unable to rectify the problem within a given timeframe.

4 – Lack of control over product returns

Amazon customers are allowed to return products even after months have elapsed since they made their purchase. When this happens, Amazon issues refunds without warning, leaving sellers with no choice but to eat the loss or reduce prices in order to sell off their inventory quickly.

5 – Variance in market conditions

The market conditions can change anytime during which buyers stop specific items because of any reason.

6 – Inconsistent sales

Your product or service may not be well received by customers one day, but it might receive a warm welcome the following day. This means that you cannot guarantee consistent sales on Amazon since demand varies across time.

7 – No control over shipping costs

Amazon does not reimburse sellers for increased shipping expenses, so buyers are in charge of covering these when they return faulty goods or when they ask for faster deliveries. This makes it difficult for businesses to maintain profitability if their products are heavy and need special packaging. It also presents an issue during peaks when companies have to handle high volumes of orders. If they’re not careful, they’ll lose money on shipping costs.

8 – Lost of sales outside Amazon

Because your product is available to buyers on Amazon’s website, you’ll miss out on sales if the item isn’t listed elsewhere. This can lead to a decrease in revenue and affect potential clients who aren’t aware of what you have to offer.

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9 – Shipping services

Amazon offers four types of shipping services. The Free-same day delivery service lets you get your purchases delivered the same day. This service is only accessible if you have $35 worth of Free-same day goods in your cart.

If you use the unified shipping service, you may not receive all of your purchases to your home. Some firms have also been excluded from the shipping service. Amazon’s delivery services aren’t tailored to your needs because businesses that deal with massive, low-margin, or high-volume items should not try to sell on Amazon.

10 – Little or no control

On several occasions, the Amazon company account has been compared to a business website. It’s been claimed that it’s superior and time-consuming than developing and maintaining your own website. You are just another member of Amazon when you use the Amazon business account. You must adhere to Amazon’s regulations or you will be expelled. It is critical not to violate Amazon’s policies.

When you have a website for your company and can post anything you want and alter the price of your items when appropriate, things are different. There are great tools accessible on Amazon business accounts that may help raise brand recognition, but they might not be able to offer the necessary assistance for your firm.

11 – Amazon business algorithm

We all know that we interact with highly sophisticated algorithms on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms on a daily basis. Amazon is not the only one to have an algorithm; it’s what connects users to their needs on the platform. So, how does this impact your product’s performance on the platform?

There have been articles and case studies on how the algorithm has impacted businesses. It’s easier for a buyer or seller to detect a product’s trend shift in the physical market, as it is for them to identify changes in demand and supply concepts. Your company may be doing well for a while on Amazon before suddenly losing sales over time.

12 – Amazon policies

You’re asking how Amazon corporate policies become a negative for your Amazon company. Amazon is an excellent and well-known e-commerce platform that places a strong emphasis on its rules, and they are frequently observed in marketplace activities. You don’t understand how they automate their regulations after going through their policies.

Many Amazon sellers have expressed their frustration with policies being broken. There are many seller accounts and items that have been pulled from the site incorrectly. Each industry has its own set of regulations, so what’s appropriate for the transportation sector may not be appropriate for the raw materials sector.

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13 – Sales doesn’t come easily

Although Amazon’s business may improve your sales margin, one of the main reasons people join us is because they’ve heard that it increases your profit margin. That isn’t quite correct. There are tools and a huge audience that you’ll need to get your company growing, but if you don’t stick to your branding, you won’t get what you want.

Many elements impact the marketplace’s character, and if you don’t identify them early on, you won’t get any benefits. The Amazon algorithm and regulations are two key variables that influence consumer actions.

As an Amazon business user, you must be aware of what’s going on in your marketplace and how to take advantage of it. Unless you know how to utilize the tools provided by Amazon effectively, they won’t work well.

14 – Poor care for sellers

Customers are frequently perceived to be correct. The users on Amazon are the customers who are always right. Although you are both a seller and a customer of Amazon services, Amazon doesn’t care about you.

There have been instances where Amazon customers have wronged vendors and gotten away with it. Not only that, when they express dissatisfaction with your product, the company provides them with more of your stuff for free, without taking any steps to protect sellers. It’s clear that Amazon places a higher value on its users than third-party merchants.

15 – Fees

It’s no surprise that Amazon’s business charges a premium for such amazing features. It’s a pay-to-play channel. The following are some of the costs you’ll encounter while using an Amazon company account: monthly subscription fees, commissions, and referral fees. There isn’t much of a financial incentive to offer goods at reduced prices.

If your company has low margins, you should be aware of this as a major disadvantage. The platform’s fee structure is also complicated and varies depending on the product.


Amazon Business Accounts have several features that businesses will appreciate. It can not only save you time and money, but it may also improve your buying process more effectively. Before making any decisions, we hope that you can gain a deeper knowledge of Amazon Business Accounts based on all of the information provided above.

Leave your questions and concerns in the comment box if you have any. Thank you for taking the time to read this article!


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